Monday, September 17, 2007

Booyeah people!

After school, give Garie a ride to his house and headed to my home sweet home! Ate lunch, watch some TV blah blah blah.

Just woke up from my little nap. Tentatively, I was playing in school for the whole day. So, I am very tired right now. Ha.

The best was at Physics Lab. We were doing experiment and Nav & I were taking 2 beakers and trying to do the "Tek Tarik" pose. It was damm funny. We tried doing it by substiuting tea with water. So, we started playing water and Nav was really spastic today.

Kept singing non stop but in a very funny way. Nicholas, Beng and I kept laughing like hell. Just very funny.

Anyway, I got sarcastic remarks by Mrs Kong. Well, so what if I have a bad attitude towards my attendance? I come as and when I like, I mean it's true. What's the use of coming to school for me when I come school just to play? I might as well stay at home and sleep. Don't say I don't make effort in Maths or I slack or I'm complacent. Because I do take pride in my work. Just that I'm taking a rest right now. =/ I have a very strong intuition that I won't do well for my O's. Really.

Shoot and flood me with your sarcastic remarks please. I need all these right now. (:

p/s: ANYWAY! I'm going back to watching TV. Tommorrow's E-Math test but I think I won't be studying it. I DON'T CARE! I HATE E-MATH.

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