Thursday, September 20, 2007

About Xiaxue

I was watching Channel U - Just Shoot 3

Today's topic was about blogging. TV host Dasmond Koh & Quan Yi Fong actually invited a few people on TV, especially two start bloggers, Xiaxue & Steven Lim.

I seriously admire Xiaxue a lot. I mean, she dares to say anything she want, and I admire her for not denying in front of the media about her nose job, I think this is what a lot of other artistes couldn't be able to do that - to reveal about the happenings in their real life, just very superficial on TV.

Having to spare a thought for others and to think twice before you start to blog about something, I don't deny that there may be some remarks that readers wouldn't want to see it on the blogs they hopped on, but seriously, all these remarks may be hurtful, but it also actually really hit the right spot about the particular person you're critising about.

Like what Xiaxue posted an entry about Steven Lim, I don't think it's wrong at all. I mean, if you want to be famous, to get recognition from everyone, to be screened on TV, or even want the whole world to know who you are, you just have to be prepared to be critised for every single shit you have done.

I agree what Xiaxue said when it comes to this point - If you want to be an artiste, just be prepare to get shoot from anyone. Even if Xiaxue don't write on her blog, the media, newspapers, TV, radio or whatever communication device, would also have talked about Steven, for what atrocious things he had done all these while.

I mean whatever thing or rumours that happened in Xx's blog, I think everything she said makes a lot of sense. For those who hated her or think that she's extremely uncooth or rather rude, I think those people are just trying to run away from reality. These people just can't accept what she said because perhaps Xx really hit their right spot and don't want to admit that they are actually what Xx has written about it in her blog.

I mean, what's the use of having a blog whereby you have so many restrictions to everything? Like what Xx and Steven said, you have no obligations to whether should you visit a particular website, it's all your choice and decisions. So if you guys see something I wrote on blog which you all truly disagree, it's just your point of view.

p/s: Xx, You rock on man.

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