Sunday, September 2, 2007

Finally, I've bought my skinny jeans. Mom gave me money to buy it. Having to strike lottery time and time again for almost every week, or perhaps twice a week, she handed the money to me happily. She thought it was $43 at first, but I told her it was $73. In the end, she still gave me the money to buy it.

Really happy when I bought this jeans. Really liked it. Next, I shall save money to buy a waist coat. That's all I asked for!

Talking about my iPod, I'm bring babe to Wheelock Place with 2 of my buddies - Nav & Nicholas tommorrow to put a screen protector, if there is one.

After heading to Wheelock Place, We will head over to Sennheiser Head Office located at Alexandra Road. Very far away. Nav's been getting a replacement for his LX 70. So Nicholas and I shall accompany him there, at the same time, I can look around to see if I can get another one too. Not Sport one, but Style one.

Upon knowing that blasting your music through Sennheiser ear phones won't make their ear phones spoil, but instead your ear will be spoilt first before the ear phones do, I do blast my songs at times.

That's when I said, "WOO. 100% Noise Cancellation! I can't hear you, bitch!"

Having to own this OMX 70, Lots of comments from Nav that ass. I don't see the need to buy a Sennheiser product for a whole $200+ because in time to come, everyone change their ear piece after 3-6months, isn't it?

Or perhaps you guys don't. So Nav was advising me on replacing my current one with a brand new model. If it's a lil more expensive than the current one, I'd just have to pay the extra amount.

What a load of crap. Even if I would have to starve for a week, forced to exercise for the full whole month, running around the track 20 times, I would. Even if I'm broke until my piggy bank would only be left 10 cents or my bank would only be left a dollar or so, I wouldn't even sell it.

Or should I said, I wouldn't even think of selling it. I won't spend even a second to think about it.

So, for the last time, if Nav ever persuades me about this again, you guys will know what I'd do to him. A slap on his bald head or a bitch slap from me. Real hard one.

Talking about Nicholas, I called him this afternoon. Damm irriated by his stupid behaviour. I don't understand why guys can't live without games. Will it die just to talk to me for a minute or so and I would just hang up the freaking phone after saying my piece?

Very distracted when I talked to him. I even had to repeat the time we would meet up tommorrow for the whole freaking 4 times. To hell with you!

So I asked him whether is he playing games. He answered me nonchalantly with a small quirk, "Yes". I just hang up the phone. For god's sake.

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