Sunday, September 2, 2007


Chipster Potato Chips By Twisties!

Witness the power of potato chips at work....Chipster Twisties Nothing Else Matters!

Do join their Chipster 'Nothing Else Matters" contest and you'll get to win fabulous prizes too and bring them home !

First Prize: 1 MacBook 2.0Ghz

Second Prize: 1 Nokia N95

Consolation Prize: 20 x Exclusive Chipster Premiums

Bloggers! For those who had not win any of these, fret not! Do not be disheartened! For your utmost support and effort, we shall also reward you with 18x Exclusive Chipster Premiums!

With all these enthralling, attractive and exorbitant prizes, you'll never get the blues out of it! So what are you waiting for?!

Check on to their Chipster website @!

Or you may choose to click at the advertisement at the top right hand corner of my blog to visit their cool and hunky-dory website!

You may also download their wall papers or screen savers if you like them! Like What I did!

For those who have not seen any of Chipster's Commercials on TV, here's the commercials on Chipster Potato Chips. Enjoy!

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