Thursday, September 27, 2007

Aren't they cute?

Here's some of the pictures that I would want to share with all of you. Some of these pictures may look gross to you, but all these sends a very strong signal to everyone of us who lives on earth - that is to stop ANIMAL ABUSE.

Norway and Canada have a new kind of tourism. Killing baby seals. They call it a 'sport'..

To the people over there, this "sport" may be a fun thing, but I beg to differ. Would you guys bear to use a bat to hit those seals with your bare hands? I don't see the fun in hitting animals at all. If you think there's nothing wrong, I think you must be a fuck sadistic. I don't see why those harper seals deserve such treatment when they don't even harm people!

Enjoy and hope all these pictures send a strong warning to everyone, to STOP ANIMAL ABUSE.

You want to call this a sport? This is absolutely ricidulous?

Look at these animals. These animals are either being brutally beaten or tortured badly. Don't these animals seemed to crying out to you?

Can you bear to poke such a small little cute hamster with your bare hands?

Do you bear to treat your dog like this? This is the worst case of mal-nutrition. Is the owner dirt poor? Or he couldn't give a fuck care less about the dog?

(Quoted from SPCA)


It's not up to you to decide the fate of your pet.

p/s: I totally freaked out and almost break into tears when I see these crude pictures. These pictures was a chain letter sent to me from my cousin, Daphne. I wished I can do something to save these harper seals.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...>:(
so sad.....

amanda said...

gosh, such cruelty! D;

Jeremy said...

condemned ppl. wish someone played sport on these ppl's heads too.