Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rating: 4.5/5

Alright, you win. You amazed me.

Really touching and showed how life "GeTai" is. Cat fighting, bitching, sisterhood, rushing for next shows etc.

I seriously think Qi Yu Wu should not be both deaf and mute. It's such a waste and regret. It's a waste of a hunk's talent.

Contrary to people's mentality, People have this thinking that those people who performed on "GeTai" are uneducated, uncooth, rough bunch of hooligans. For guys, they are bastards and hooligans. For girls, they are either uneducated, bimbotic or they protray themselves as ladies from Geylang (I'm just making an example).

But all these are just primitive thinking. On the other hand, I actually feel that they have very strong personality. They sing their hearts out for a good performance and and they sing well in hoping for audience's applause.

They rush for next shows just to earn that extra amount of money to earn a living. In fact, they're the workaholics. Extreme workaholics.

For people who don't know this fact, if you're the main host (I'm talking about the main host, not the dances, please read properly) for the "GeTai", do you guys have any idea how much does the main host earn just one night? Excluding the fees given to the artistes they invited and all the preparations, they can earn up to about 6-7 grand for JUST one night.

For those who have no qualifications or don't wish to study at all, this is one path for you to prosper. Not trying to be sarcastic, but please, face it. It's all reality.

However, there's a price to pay. Hectic-ness, Almost half naked, Little sleep hours, Rushing for shows (As it comes in a first come first serve basis) etc.

Ended up, you just have one rotten life and body. Way too tired out.
Money or life? You choose.

Anyway, Mom and I, or rather most of the audience were weeping and sniffing their noses throughout the movie. Your tears just run like running tap water. Uncontrollable.

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