Friday, September 7, 2007

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Rating: 4.7/5
God turns his eye on Evan this time and commands him to build an ark. Is Evan delusional or does he really hear the voice of God?
Reasons why I gave Evan Almight a rating that is close to godliness is because every movement, every scenes made by this show surprises the audience a lot. This show bring us lots of fun, leisure, joy, and most of all, laughter.
Feeling fucked up? This show might help you. Even Evan's dance, how Evan tried nailing the wood to make an ark and got injuried, how all those animals helped him with building the ark, how his family and friends supported him along the way.
With all these, you laugh your ass off. What's more, you feel that God is so near you.
Isn't all these close to godliness?
This show is full of emotions and feelings. If I were to describe one word to express my feelings for this show, I don't have any. Every part of the show holds different emotions and feelings. Touched, happy, and most of all very very fascinating. To the extreme.
Moreover, I LOVE animals! I really love those animals! They looked really adorable when they helped Evan with the ark. I was so fascinated to see all the animals with Evan.
Highly Recommended. Thumbs up!
Mom's bringing us to watch 881 tommorrow. Seriously, I'm not so VERY convinced that 881 would be a good show, but I do hope that this show would surprise me.
However, I shall give it a try since Mom's paying for my ticket! I wouldn't say NO to a free ticket, would I? HA!

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