Thursday, September 6, 2007

Got a good scolding from my Math tuition teacher. For being a FULL-TIME slacker. She scolded me basically because I have forgotten all important tips from her.

"Please hor, you don't care about your prelims it's ok. But your O's is cannot play play one ok." She said this to me when I was opening the door for her.

She gave me PLENTY of revision worksheets from almost every prestigious schools but I have only done one quarter of Revision 1. So you guys, yeah, should know how much have I done THIS YEAR.

All these Revision papers seemed to be crying out to be and telling me, "Hey kill me! Attack me! Oh, Suck me PLEASE! Just... DO ME!"

Well, Well, Well. I really have no motivation at all. But I Do know I reap what I sow.

I can't wait to watch Evan Almighty tommorrow!

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