Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm totally exhausted!

Went cycling for 2 consecutive days.

Went cycling with Beng and Zhi Wei , just the 3 of us. Zhi Wei's bicycle wheels got burst. I was cycling way too fast and noticed that they 2 didn't catch up with me. So I turned back and saw them standing. Haha.

Had an enjoyable day!

Today went cycling with Beng, Js, Yue Yue, Nicholas, Wei Qing & Teo Xiang! Wee! One of the workers at Kia Runners recommended me a bicycle, which was suitable for me because the handle was easy to grab as it was quite near to me. Rather than the previous on whereby I had to stretch my hands out so straight. Very straining. HAHA.

Means my hands are short! But it's ok.

So I started paddling and hey, I feel very comfortable with this bicycle.

Cycle to Lagoon Food Centre when it started to rain unanticipatedly. Sat down for some drinks and food and waited for the rain to stop before continuing our journey.

Well, overall was a fun day. and I'm extremely tired right now.

p/s: Mole Concept isn't that difficult actually. (: So is Macromolecules.

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