Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hey my lovely blog!

I guessed my blog was already covered by a layer of thick dust .

Well, Life's been good. Quite peaceful but rather bumpy. Due to some stupid people who has been taking away my life span time by time. Will die one ok. HA.

I sound so typical right now. But nevermind, let me be one who is very well known in Singapore, that is Singlish. Tommorrow we will be going through testimonials and you know Ms Tan write so little for everyone of us!

So I had to think of every activities I took part in school, my CIP hours need to be recorded correctly, my edusave bursaries and edusave award for year 2004-2006 and so many more !

What's more, my passionate for pets! Went for SPCA Flag Day and add 6 hours to my CIP! So by right I have completed this year's CIP. But adding on to the newspaper collection this year, another few more hours. WHAHAHA. I'm so contented.

Better hope that Ms Tan could lengthen my testimonials and write all rubbish inside! whahahaha.

Today's practical was a mess. Especially Chemistry. Everybody got different answers. Well, we shall see the results.

I guessed I wouldn't dare look at my prelims results. 've got a lot of papers left undone just because I was too busy sleeping. Really tired.

Anyway, my aim is O's. I shall win in glory. Not thinking highly of myself, but just to boost my confidence. With confidence, you are already half way to success, am I right?

So let's say if I didn't do well in my O's, I have no one to blame but myself. Contented? Happy Enough?

Yes, I admit defeat nor.


Today's cycling plan was completely thwarted. Due to the damm rain and now is the rainy season, had so much difficulty planning! I don't give a damm. I shall go cycling tomorrow once the rain stops. Even if I had to go cycling on my own!

Damm frustrated with the rain. It was so difficult to call Nav out for a cycle . But whatever.


I can't wait to meet Philip on wednesday! You know, I haven't been meeting this Casanova for a long time since he started his JC1. Until now ! So I shall meet him on wesnesday night and we shall watch a movie and perhaps chill out at StarBucks to update ourselves on each others' life.


Talking about the EOY Chalet organised for our class, Beng Hon and I was slacking near my house area yesterday and we talked about what we could do when the sky turns dark.

1. We can play what we called in Chinese, " Bi Xian".
2. A "good" visit to OCH
3. Watch stars together
4. Catch prawns at the prawn farm
5. Fishing
6. Trip to the beach to slack
7. Play water bombs
8. Play Mahjong (Provided someone brings)
9. Poker Cards
10. Night Walk (Blind folded)
11. Pillow fight

We've been racking our brains and only could think of 11 activities! Cai Xin has been bugging me to bring her to OCH, well we will definitely make a trip there. Any of the 2 days.

We can't go to red house because we, girls, have lot's of difficulty climbing in. However, there's a small fence whereby we can go through but the grass was as high as your waist. You never know what might happen among the grasses.

Climbing into the Red House is one thing, But climbing out is another thing. If you can't climb out, haha, good luck to you then.

So Beng and I was thinking if we could make our way to Balestier. But Aranda Country Club was very far from Balastier. If not, we could make a trip to the Soong Sisters' Mansion for a walk. If you guys study History, You should know who Soong Sisters are. Creepy.

Well Well Well, it's all too early to say anything. But we've got to prepare because we will be having fun on 13 Nov. Which is the last day of O's. So it's very fast.

p/s: Calvin, My cycling day was completely destroyed. Tkd: If you happen to hop onto my blog, do find a time to discuss all the things regarding our chalet. We've got to organise it well.

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