Saturday, September 1, 2007

Piece of good news!

My efforts have finally paid off!

I've received an email by Nuffang stating that someone is using my blog to advertise their campaign!

Upon looking at my junk mail, which was mark as a safe mail and then transferred to my inbox, my heart almost fell out when I saw this news. I was extremely exhilarated and overwhelmed with joy. All this really came unexpectedly and surprisingly!

I guess some of you may think it's nothing because maybe some of you may have experienced this, But this is a good opportunity for me to have more exposure of many things!

And honestly, many people may have experienced this, but many people may not have experienced this. You guys won't feel how I feel unless you have received it.

I don't care whether the advertisement is well-known or wadever, as long as ANY advertisements are using my blog, I would be very happy and contented. What's more, I am the Queen Of Advertisement.

I guess everybody in my class would know why I am so suitable for this title. Advertising starts tommorrow, from 02 Sep 07 - 08 Sep 07.

I'm sooooooooooo delighted!

Guess I can have a good night's sleep!
Here's the email that they had sent me:

click picture to enlarge.

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