Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun Day With CKTs.

While I was having lessons in school, I just realised that I haven't been blogging for the past 2 days.

These few days I couldn't sleep well because of SEET ZHI YANG. He sent me a website, and told me that the website is so-called an illusion. Initially, I was skeptical about it. So I lied to him that I went to the website already. However, finally I know that curiosity kills the cat. I was quite curious and so I went to hop on the website. Inititally, everything seemed fine and normal. Suddenly, I heard a girl screaming. I didn't see the ghostly face because it disappeared too fast. But my speaker was loud enough to hear the scream. Immediately, I close my eyes and ears and screamed like hell.

Then on, I decided not to switch off the small lamp in my room. You know ever since Sis went back to NYC, it took me months before I dared to switch off the small lamp on my computer table. And now, I have to on it again. Do you guys know that it's scientifically proven that while you sleep with the lights on, it's not good for you?

And everytime I watch a ghost movie, it took me 3-6 months before I completely get over it. I feel very pitiful of myself right now.

However, I'm not angry with Yang at all. I don't know why. Normally, I would be kind of pissed off with people who played these pranks on me. In fact, I know he's very cheeky. So I'm not angry with him. BAHAHA.

Alright, back to the topic.

So I thought of multi-tasking right now, while I was putting my eye attention of the TV, I am typing on my blog too. I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction - Having to watch TV and blog at the same time.

Yesterday was Mooncake Festival. You know, my family never had this habit of celebrating Mooncake Festival together, sitting down together enjoying the full moon etc.

Initially, I wanted to call Zhi Yang and guys out to celebrate, but I guessed they don't seem interested at all. Luckily, Lu smsed me to ask me whether am I able to attend their Mooncake Festival celebration with the CKTs @ Joo Seng Road. Without hesitation, I agreed to it.

So, I went stright home for a bath while Kai and Nel waited for me at Aljunied bus stop. After that, Yuyang came along as well.

Nel was not in a good mood because he was caught of possession of cigarettes. However, to his and our surprise, Mr Lim didn't seem to call his Mom. His mom even smsed Nel to come home for dinner because she bought bryani rice for him. Nel was thinking if he would be like the "Jesus's Last Supper" and after the dinner, his mom would chase him out of the house.

Took 62, after a long walk, we reached a provisional shop. I bought sparkles. Was really tempted to play with it but Lu and Kai scolded me. Waited for Wei Min, Kenny & Jane downstairs before they joined us. Went to the basketball court . They played basketball while Lu and I were like mad kids. Doing all sorts of spastic actions. It was totally hilarious.

Went to the playground to settle down. Wei Min bought plenty of candles and each of us started lighting candles. The wind was blowing in our direction and we had so much difficulty lighting up. So, Wei Min was the clever one to use the candle box to fold into a square shape, so as to prevent the wind from blowing our candles away.

I made a wish to all the candles that I lighted up. Ever since last year, I always made the same wish. And until now I still stick to it, because it didn't come true. But I will continue making this wish. Because I believed things will work out between us. Because I cherish our friendship.

I also made a wish, wishing that my health would be better, my sinus would go away, and most of all, I wished that my hair would grow even more . I missed my long and straight hair.

Kai bought 4 packets of bombag. I was extremely scared of bomb bag. I don't know why, but I'm just... intimidated by it. He still threw it at me! He's a naughty boy.

Whatever it is, I had a lot of fun being with the CKTs. Lots of laughter and fun. I kept laughing and laughing.

After playing, we sat down under the shelter and I felt extremely worn out so I kept quiet for quite some time. Nel thought I was kind of moody. But I'm not. Just too tired to talk.

Here's the pictures! Enjoy!

Lu while playing with sparkles. Isn't that magnificent?

My lovely candles

That's Yuyang!

This is Nelson playing with sparkles.

Nelson's design.
Candles that have already melted.

That's girafee (:

Trying to act Superman. (:

What is Wei Min doing?

There's also a video I took when Wei Min tried to use sparkles to make an s0-called explosion. It's very very very nice.

p/s: I wished every year's Mooncake Festival will be as fun as this. Most importantly, I would want to celebrate with my good brothers. ):

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