Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just came back from studying.

Went to Lavender to study with 3 people! They are Zhi Yang, Zhi Wei and Beng Hon.

I studied A-Maths. However, I didn't study much either. Was just too busy to watch all the music videos in my lovely ipod.

I should say today is the most tiring day. I was actually looking for a public toilet after controlling myself from urining for about 2-3 hours before I couldn't tolerate anymore. The coffee shop nearest to our study area was closed and there wasn't any toilets in sight. So, I used Beng's bicycle to see if Jalan Besar Stadium do provide any toilet.

Me: "Eh, I cannot tolerate anymore. The coffee shop downstairs closed already."

Beng: " Go to S11 Lor." (He was pointing towards Jalan Besar Stadium.)

Zhi Wei: "There got, you cycle there lor."

WELL, I thought they were referring to the stadium. SO, I cycle across the traffic lights and really scare the hell out of me. This was the first time cycling on the main road and I felt jittery.

I had to stop cycling for some paths because they are uneven, as you know I'm still not very good at cycling. So I cycled to the Stadium and made a big round for 2 times just to check out for the restrooms, but to no avail.

The stadium was crowded with people because there was a match on for the S.Leagues if I'm not wrong and many fans went there to watch the match.

SO, I cycled back all the way to study area, I thought of giving up intitally, But the urine seemed to be gushing out already, I had no choice but to cycle down even further down to see if there are any coffee shops that's still opened.

Thank God, I found the toilet. And this is really very very unlucky. When I parked my bicycle, and rushed into the toilet, I found that there wasn't any toilet rolls available. I was so stupid to think that such coffee shop would serve toilet rolls.

I had no choice but to pee first. HOWEVER, to my surprise, I was putting on of my hand in my pocket and found one big piece of unused tissue paper in there!

VIOLA! I was actually laughing and smiling to myself for finding a rotten piece of tissue and took it like treasure. I feel like a fool then.

So I cycled all the way back to study area. My body was full of perspiration. But I felt like I have done a good exercise.

The two guys (Yang went back home first) thought I was lost. Yes, they should really think about it because I SIMPLY HAVE NO SENSE OF DIRECTIONS.

Everytime I took a bus or MRT home, I have to ask them which side should I take or which MRT track should I follow. Ok, just admit it, girls tend to have poorer sense of directions than guys. Ok lah, Guys you win this time nor.

Well, that's my day.



Chelsea will definitely win ok!

However, Yang said that these two idiotic teams would have a draw.

Ok, 32 stupid and dumb players running just after a ball, one dumbass referee running like mad dog for his entire life just to offer players yellow or red card.


Ok lah, I know these guys are making big money ok. ):

Still, I don't know much about soccer but I hope CHELSEA WINS OK.

Cause I'm so sick of the word "MANCHESTER UNITED" and it's so common because priority are actually supporting MAN U.


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