Saturday, September 15, 2007

Totally exhausted. However, I have to perserve to blog this very special occasion. Because, today it's my good brother's birthday, GARIE!


Best luck in your O's and may you soar to greater heights and excel in everything you do! Most importantly, I wish you good health so that you can club and drink all night long without worries!

Hope he likes the shot glasses i got for him. (:

Well, as today is Garie's birthday, we went to his bbq yesterday. Ton the whole night over there. Had lot's of fun!

And I FINALLY get to meet Zhi Ling face to face! She's a very pretty girl! Guys who don't cherish her are stupid and DUMB! We had a talk about our life and all kind of things. My friendship problems, her r/s problems. I shall call her out next time if I go out for KTV with my brothers! But I hope the brothers don't mind. (:

We chatted and luckily the CKTs were there to chat with us. We kept crapping and Ling kept laughing. Haha. CKTs are bunch of crappy and funny group. We just talked about anything! We can even make something that is not funny, funny. Just crap the hell with them. LOL . You guys have any idea wad does See Kay Tee stands for? Nelson told me it comes from the word Char Kway Teow. Haha. Long story ok. Shadn't elaborate.

As Ling had to work the next day, she left after we cut the birthday cake. So, I was there the whole night long, with my group of very good brothers. I don't know why whenever I'm with them, I feel a great sense of security. Perhaps I do really take them as my real brothers. You know, I've always longed for a older brother. However, I'm also happy that I do have a biological sister who treats me very well.

Though I was kind of struggling through the night and seemed to be fighting a battle against my tiredness, I still perserve til the end.

Through the night, some disputes occured between A* and B*. However, I trust what my brothers are doing and no matter what they intended to do, I would give them my utmost support. Because I know whatever they do, they have a reason for doing it. So all I can do to help is just to keep quiet and let them settle things.

I've told myself, I'm not the first one to reach there, so I MUST be the last one to leave with the guys. And I did it. For every BBQ, I always stay until the last batch of people. Not only Garie's BBQ, but Feng Yao's, Even Aloy's, CKT's BBQ etc. Because if Garie wanted to end this BBQ, I would want to end it with him and share his wonderful 17th birthday. So,once again, I wish this good brother of mine all the best in everything he do!

p/s: I had a fun and happy day. And most of all, I feel happy to meet Ling. (:

Good night everyone. It's 8.07am right now.

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