Sunday, August 26, 2007

Was flooded with lot's of smses and on MSN today and this is the ranking:

1. Nelson
2. Cai Xin
3. Eugene Chong
4. Wei Kai
5. Xmei
6. Zhi Wei
7. Jiashi
8. Beng Hon
9. Teo Xiang
10. Wei Qing
11. Zhi Yang
12. Tkd
15. Zeus
16.Yee Teng
17.Yi Ting
20. Puay Chin
21. Shervonne
22. Calvin (He was the last one, 11.23pm)
23. Feng Yao

Thanks for all the greetings. I really love those smses and shall keep them. I do care a lot about small things people do for me and I greatly appreciated that. Perhaps I'm a very meticulous person, so I do even care about lil minor things.

Had an enjoyable day today.

But, very very tired.

Here am I, sitting on my lovely red Ikea chair like a couch potato, tired but still have the least energy to blog right now.

In the afternoon, I went to cycle with my very good classmates, Jiashi, Nicholas and Yu Yue. We didn't cycle as much as the previous time, and we didn't manage to reach bedok jetty. Went to lagoon to grab a bite. As the sky turns dark, we decided to make a turn back to the rental shop.

Jiashi and Co. bought me a sennheiser ear piece and I really liked it. Although it wasn't the one I wanted, but it's similar to the one that I craved for it. I'm very contented already!

Then next, we went to Parkway. Walked around and DP changed a lot. With more cool new season of clothes. And I still want to get the skinny black jeans and the waist coat. It's all at DP. Luckily I didn't waste my money on buying a waist coat from TOPSHOP which cost a bomb, $103.

DP only sells at $59. But not as nice as TOPSHOP lah.

Walked around, then went for hair treatment.

Went home to take a bathe and cab down to east coast again for steamboat. Reach there started to drizzle so went to Arcade to have a few rounds of Initial D. Played Time Crisis and died. Haha.

Then we sat down and have steamboat. Wei Kai, Nelson, Zhen Lu and Hans went off first because they had something on. Nelson went home to accompany his dad. So Left the 8 of us, with Aloysius came joining us later on. Damm bloated and filling. You know when you get too high and happy and when everything settles down, you started getting moody. That's we girls' human nature. Ha Crap.

So I confided in Yong only because I didn't want to spoil the mood of everyone. Went to a corner and told him something very personal. Well, after talking and consoling me, it's sunshine after rain.

Went to the beach to slack. Was kinda high again and started rumbling lot's of songs and acted like a stupid, crazy girl.

The guys played with sand and covered my legs with it. Kinda stupid but fun.

And guess what?! The present they gave me was damm cute! All of them shared money to buy a lovely clock from Molecule for me! That's what I needed most you know! Nita (Maid) had lot's of difficulty calling me to wake up every morning and every morning, I would be so hectic packing my stuffs etc.

And, Sis bought me a 30GB Ipod! Finally I got an iPod. RAR. But not to worry! the Creative Zen that Yang gave me is still beside my laptop, and I take it out to listen to it when I'm bored. That one, I shall never sell or throw it away even if it's spoilt. It's too precious to throw it away!

I've got all the material things that I wanted except the Complete Seed.

But Right now, I would want something very sentimental - That is to keep all my friendships with all my friends strong.

Graduation Day is coming real soon. Hais. That will be the day when everyone started weeping and promising each other that even after leaving the school, we shall meet up and whatsoever. Well, I don't know for this.

But there's one thing I know. Friends are always in your heart. (:

This clock is meaningful. This clock shows me that no matter how busy we are right now and the clock is ticking away every minute and every second and we all have our own life, we still must have some time for a gathering to keep updates on each other's life.

If only time could pause and stop only at every happy moments that we all shared.

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