Sunday, August 26, 2007

All I wanted was just a birthday wish from you. Yet, the first one to sent me a birthday wish wasn't you. Seriously disappointed.

Since 13 May 2007 until now, I chose not to give up. I guessed I gave you lots of freedom and never disturb you during this time when you give all your time and committment to NS. Not once did I ever bug you for anything.

Yet such simple birthday wish for me, you can't do it.

So today, I shall told myself, we had nothing to do with each other anymore. Today is our judgement day to see if we will reconcile again. But I guessed it was all my part of wishful thinking.

Say I'm stupid or dumb to be waiting for your sms or call everyday, Yes I am.

Shadn't delude myself anymore.

I can't understand why guys don't think of very thoughtful things like even sending me a birthday sms would die.

It's just typing a few words only right and I would be god damm overwhelmed with joy.

But now, I know you're such an idiot. It's ok.

You're out of my list. I ditched you and not you ditched me, bastard.

All these while, luckily with the help of beng, who is always there to listen about all my grudges against you, I stood strong.

Anyway, Nelson & Wei Kai, if you're reading this, I want to tell you that I'm very touched! ((: I made the right choice of making friends with you all! Nelson was the first to send me a birthday wish! Wei Kai was the fourth.

If every man could be as thoughtful as these two friends of mine, we, girls, wouldn't be so miserable.

Yes, Beng told me that today is my birthday, so I shouldn't be sad. Well, tomorrow I shall have lot's of fun!

Damm you, <strike>adrant

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