Saturday, August 4, 2007

I watched Discovery Channel and was amazed by the pioneers and professionals who constructed the largest passenger airplane, Air Bus.

The twin-deck aircraft can carry about 555 people - more than the Boeing 747 jumbo built by Airbus' main competitor.

It's twin deck you know! My dad told me there is also a casino in there, but I was kinds skeptical about this.

A380 is too big for some countries' airplane runway you know!

I was totally amazed by the technicians, engineers, the architects, the ptoject consultant etc etc because it takes 10years to complete this project OK!

Just by building the plane requires £6billion dollars! Can you guys imagine how much effort, time and money is spent on this humongous plane! It's HUMONGOUS and not LARGE/GIGANTIC!

When I was watching the process of those people testing the airplanes time and time again, I remembered the Titanic.

The bigger thing you try to achieve, there is always higher risk of failure. And this really applies to the Titanic.

Fortunately, the owner of A380 was not as complacent as the owner of the Titanic who only cared about his reputation and just to attract the wealth and not cared about the infrastructure who claimed that the Titanic was totally waterproof, with excellent waterproof system.

Tragedies from the Titanic flashed across my head, and Dad agreed as well.

I was just.... way too thrilled by those intelligent people! They must be so intelligent, conscientious, passionate, extremely knowlegable, competent, powerful, dexterous!


Am I nerd enough?!!?!??!! Haha I like this picture! ((:

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