Friday, August 3, 2007

Hello people! Haha!

Let me tell you about my Oral la! IT WAS A TOTAL SHIT.

I think I did really well for my reading because when i started reading " It's so embarrassing!" with appropriate tone, Ms Sophia Yap looked up and nodded her head and smile to herself. hehe.

I always had no problem for my orals BUT it's the picture conversation that kills me la! I really dont' know what to say because I really cant infer from that freaking picture. The picture is so lame with two ufgly ladies pointing her fingers to dunno which direction, one pointing towards south, one pointing towards west. WTH LA.

and Ms Yap actually almost fell asleep! I understand, it must be tiring listening to 14 students ok. OK. HAHA.

So the minute I left, I rang Beng up and he told me that he's at Lavendar, going to have a hair cut. Then, I rang Yong up and he told me,"I'm with classmate now!". SO LAME RIGHT? LOL But very cute lah. haha.

So I went to the canteen and saw Feng Yao and Da Wei. Then, I was still on the phone with Yong, grumbling and complaining to him about how difficult the picture discussion is blah blah blah..,

the minute Feng Yao saw me from afar, he gave me a very awkward yet cute look. Funny faces. So, I waved at him and walk towards him. He covered his EYES LAH. RAR. I screamed at him, telling him that I have recovered. AHAHHAA.

I was happy to see the two of them, and Feng Yao told me some bad news which happened today, But I will not write it here until tomorrow. It's to give respect.

I guess what Feng Yao told me really gave me a shock and I'm going with them tomorrow.

Then, I smsed Calvin Sim who is my grandfather *Whaha*, and grumble ONCE AGAIN to him about the oral and a lot of shit lah.

Then, Tina just got back her phone and sent me a surprise sms. I was indeed surprised by her sms and actually replied her. It's a good start. I hope I can see improvement! ((: But I will work hard. Haha, what's more, she's my lovely neighbour who stays below.

Called kerwin to come 43 to have a talk since we havent been keeping up with each other for a long time. Had a long talk about his family and studies and all that. I feel so relax talking to him.


This is leather jacket fish! One of my favourite fish!

This is silver pomfret! I looooove this fish a lot and have been eating since young! It was yang's fav too! ((:

But.. I cant find the picture of Batang Fish... )):

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