Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hair Loss

Hair Loss also means losing confidence. I totally agree. When I was trying out clothes at DP today, I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself, " Who is this? She's got a deep line through her hair." And I turned away.

I started reminising the days when I woke up all ready for school, while tieing up my hair, ready to be clipped up by my lovely translucent brown hair clip. And I was quite frustrated by the hair clip because my hair was so thick that I had to force all my hair through the freaking clip.

But now, it's just a matter of seconds and my hair is already clipped up. My hair clip even slips through my hair at times. I dont' know how serious this problem is until today when my mom "reminded" me that my hair is real real little.

It all started when I was on diet, with the diet plan. I went to several doctors and all said the same thing about my hair. Lack of nutrients in my body, causing my hair to be weak. At most times, I would even feel faint if I sit down or lie down for too long. My mom told me to eat, but I just forbid.

Initially, I thought my hair loss was due to a lot of stress caused by my studies. But hey no. It wasn't. Even if it was, I wouldnt' been dropping so much hair. Each time I comb my hair, 8-10 strands of hair would drop.

Whether to believe it or not, it's so true and genuine.

I went to a fortune teller at Fu Lu Shou Complex. I didnt' believe all these superstitous stuffs because perhaps I was influenced by the change of my beliefs in being a Christian. But my mom was a devoted Buddhist, who believed in Feng Shui, Divination and stuffs like that. She have been to this fortune teller several times and commented that this F.T was very accurate.

Initially, I dont' believe at all. The moment I went to see her, she told me to mess all the tiles and put them in order which way I like. From the tiles she looked, she deduce about what type of person am I and what's gonna happen within these 3 months.

She told me this, " Believe it or not, You better watch out for your health. Especially your health. Dont' take cold drinks and soft drinks. Just watch out for your health."

Next, she looked at me. "During this lunar ghost festival month and November, you are not to go out late at home. You better not. Your luck is very bad now."

So, I went to told her that I saw a ghost. She told me this," You know what? This is a warning to you already. That thing is there to warn you. You are one who don't believe things will happen unless you see with it your own eyes. You are not scared until you saw one right?"

Tadah. It's true. I don't believe. On that night when Zhi Yang told me that nothing's gonna happen, Yeah, I just dont' believe that I saw one.

So, During these few days, I kept dreaming of My sister and I, running at East Coast Park, with PLENTY of snakes chasing us. We kept running and running non stop and the snakes seemed to spit something on our legs. That dream was horrid. I even dreamt that on the beach, my sister saw a very big octopus with extremely long legs, trying to catch my leg. My sister kept shouting at me, telling me to run away.

I told my mom and we went to visit our "Niang Niang". It's hard to tell who she is, but she is one who is able to commnicate with the Buddha. I told her about my hair loss problem, and this dream.

She told me that there is bound to be trouble around you. Having a lot of snakes meaning gossips and troubles are finding you especially friends will have the tendency to betray or harm me or set me up. Lots and lots of trouble will find you.

I totally freaked out. Both of them said that my luck is really on the down side. I believe. About my health, I am totally worn out physically and mentally. No one can help me about my health except me. I guess I will cry if I imagine myself being bald.

On one hand, My friends have been encouraging me to go on diet. On the other hand, my mom tell me to eat more nutrients. Who should I listen? Til then, I shall listen to my mom. I dont' think this is the right time to go on diet. I am already lacking of nutrients and it's so serious that my mom told me that I would just blacked out or faint unexpectedly. But, I shall exercise more and keep fit. Please guys, call me out for a run or cycle! I need people to pull me along to exercise! I really need people!!!

I have not been eating rice since March, eating only vegetables and fruits.

Now, my mom commanded me to eat more red meat and fish.

I will be cutting my hair this National Day because Long hair is hard to wash and may end up dropping even more hair. No more long pretty hair, but welcome the short bob hair.

For the sake of my hair loss problem, I shall not care about my looks anymore. For people who only cared about my looks, they are all bitches and pimps. True friends won't find me ugly NO matter how ugly am I! )):

God, Buddha, Which ever god, Give me strength to go through this ordeal! I need the strength and energy to study, sleep and eat well! Dont' make me fall ill/sick because O's are coming real soon!

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