Thursday, August 16, 2007

I seriously didn't know people from France would actually be one of the regulars in my blog. Well, Thanks a milllion! I was delighted to hear this news. I have records of who came to my blog and was amazed by someone from France who left me a message, telling me then she would hop by again. HAHA.

Currently having bad flu, very very bad. Bad Flu comes along with Sore throat. But, I still managed to talk a lot in class and shout at times. I love my class. HAHA.

Today PE was freaking fun. Went to the gym and Nav did some stupid stuffs with caught all the lower sec student's attention. What he did was really stupid. Playing with his 10 fingers, trying to make like a puppet show. But it was rather entertaining.

Right now, my biceps are very pain and aching now. Probably due to the strenous exercise I did during PE. But it's gooood.

And Freaking hell, I fell down today! I FALL FLAT ON THE FLOOR. Luckily my two front teeth didnt' broke. But I don't know why I kept laughing after I fell down. I feel kind of stupid and clumsy lah. Haha.

I was actually playing with Nav's bottle of deodorant and I tried to spray the deodorant, then making a 360degrees turn. After making the turn, I tried to walk towards my table, when I didn't notice Xmei's bag was actually in my way, I got hooked on and PAH !

So, Cheng Yong asked me, " Eh You think you swimming ah?"

SLAP him in the face. LOL

Yeah, for that moment, I thought I finally knew how to swim yeah.

It's 12.06am already! Taken my medicine and it's time to get some shut eye.

After flu, I can forsee that my ear seemed to have internal bleeding and it hurts at times.

Having talking to Yuren after knowing more things about life in Poly, I finally got to know, actually Manjusrians in TP are very hardworking. HAHA. Yuren studies LAW OK! LAW HOR. HAHA.

I want to study Biomedical )):

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