Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jiashi's Birthday ; Jay Chou Movie - Secret

FINALLY! Do you know that I spent almost 1 hour just to post these few pictures! DAMM. But it's worth the waiting!

Four of us went to celebrate for Jiashi's birthday. Though it's just 4 of us, but I guessed we had a good time hitting the towns!

We dine at Fish & Co and we kept making fun of Nicholas because he vommitted at Fish & Co(Changi Airport Branch) before! HAHA.

So, this are the pictures we took! Had a fun time!

This is the soup for the day - Cream Of Mushroom. The soup is very thick, with strong taste of milk.

So, after we eat, we went to walk around looking for Jiashi's pants and my jeans. Intended to watch Secret directed by Jay Chou, I didnt' wanna watch it initially. In the end, I was influenced by them and watch with them.


Rating: 3.7/5

Though there was a twist in the story coming to the ending part when the female lead went into 20years ahead, but it was a nice and touching movie. I didn't know Jay Chou could be so cute and adorable. Ha.
Highly Recommended!

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Lo' said...

I hope this movie will arrive into France. I visited your blog and find it really nice, i'll come back. Bye