Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things You Should Do Or Avoid During The Hungry Ghosts' Festival

Well, everyone know's that this month is the creepy month, which we chinese people believe in ghosts do exist.

Yesterday, I was having a small talk with Wei Qing in class, and we talked about things that we should not do during the Hungry Ghosts' Festival. Although not scientifically proven, but better to be save than be sorry.

1. Never go out too late at night. Who knows you might meet "someone"? For those who love clubbing, it won't kill you to come home early for just 1 month.

2. Never have birthday celebration during the 7th month.

I was puzzled by this and went on to ask Wei Qing. He told me that there was a story whereby a 4/5 year old boy was having a birthday celebration held during the 7th month. The 4 year old boy was jumping very happily infront of his birthday cake and the father thought that his son was very lively and cheerful. So the father decided to take video of him to keep memories.

The boy kept on jumping without stopping and suddenly, the boy fell on the floor, and die instantly. The parents were devastated and decided to take the video out and guess what? They see someone holding the collar of their son, playing with his son by holding him up and down.

Believe it or not, it's up to you.

3. Never try to play stupid stuffs like peeling the apple's skin in the night.

4. Never cut your nails at night.

As for this case, I went to do research. Some of them said that cutting your nails would:

- Shortern your parent's life frame
-Bad Luck will befall you
-Attract Ghosts
-If you cut nails after 12midnight, you nails won't grow out nice.

5. Do not bathe so late at night.

6. Do not hang your clothes out of the window if you stay in HDB. There's saying that ghosts will seek "shelter" and seep into your clothes.

7. Avoid looking out of the window for too long at night. Ghosts trying to find scapegoat will see you and then find you straight away.

8. Avoid moving into new homes and opening new businesses this month as it is considered inauspicious and bad luck on new ventures.

9. Avoid swimming during this month because water spirits would drag you these little ones down and drown you.

10. Avoid old trees or shining a torchlight to it. Trees have spirits.

11. Avoid going for jungle trekking and going on camping trips as chances of injuries, possession and death are high.

12.Drive very carefully during this month to avoid accidents, as there may be many wandering spirits who died of accidents previously that are searching for next victims so that they could be reincarnated.

13. Provide a respectful knock on the bedroom door before you enter for the first time.

14. Avoid entering the room right away. Whisper to yourself that you are renting the room to stay temporarily, as a form of asking permission. Let any spirit leave the bedroom first before you enter.

15. Display a glass of salt water next to your bed. Salt is an excellent antidote for dirty energy.

16. You are encouraged to flush the toilet bowl first before using it.

17. You are also encouraged to avoid wearing black or striking red colored clothings.

18. Always keep the toilet's door closed with lights turned off when you go to sleep. Dont always think that ghosts are scared of light.

19. Try to avoid facing the mirror when you sleep. If the mirror is designed in this manner, try to cover it with a towel.

20. Avoid placing any shoe next to the bed when sleeping.

21. Avoid getting married during this month because couples will have bad ending. Some bad ghost may cast a bad spell on couples during their wedding

22. Do not walk on the drains outside your house. Ghosts float on the drains.

23. Becareful when you walk anywhere. You will have high tendency to fall down because Ghosts will be around to play with you.

24. When placing your shoes on the floor. The head of the shoe should be facing in opposite directions. For example, the head of the shoe facing the North side (Up), and the other facing south (Down). This is to avoid your shoes from "running" away. Ghosts tend to play with your shoes.

That's what we do when we are in Cambodia. Most of us did this when I mentioned about this.

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