Monday, August 6, 2007

I am just so so so so depressed about my hair loss. I tried not stressing myself too much (prevent from dropping hair further more, hopefully). I woke up yesterday at 3am, and I can't get to sleep because of my hair lah. I was afraid of sleeping on the bed because I dared not add any pressure on my hair. So I stared in blank air for like 2 hours, and cried a bit. I was thinking what if I become bald, Damm lah.

Ah, you people don't understand lah. Though there is an improvement, I used the hair loss control shampoo and it work out well. I didnt' drop as much hair as before. But the moment I look myself in the mirror and see all the deep lines that cut through my hair, I am just very devastated and it really aches my heart.

Better not say anymore, before my tears start rolling down.

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