Tuesday, August 7, 2007

BAH HEY PEOPLE! I missed E-math paper today BECAUSE my eye was swollen. Or rather, my eye was layered by a jelly-like substance(Everybody link jelly-like substance with precipitate and start making funny remarks about it )):, but I like it because my friends are cute when they said that.) and my vision blurred lah.

It's damm uncomfortable and Ling Hui who experienced this before, told me to go to the toilet and wash my eye. I did, but to no avail. DAMM. I feel very irriated and the people in class kept saying that I got SORE EYE (Which I healed since last week, for god's sake don't wake jesus up for no freaking reason please). I was damm pissed off with such remarks and that is when people start boy-cotting me. FREAK OFF LA.

After school, Beng and I had something important to do, so we went off first, leaving the couple(Xmei & Yong) alone. I was walking down the stairs when we saw Desmond and I said HI to him.


He stoned for a while before giving me a stupid smile and walked off, while beng gave me a shocking face. With his mouth open.

Went home, Nita (My Maid) steamed egg with pork and stir-fried leek with prawns. Delicious. Haha. Then, I went to sleep. Couldn't get to sleep because Mom kept calling ! Damm irriated. Slept til 7.30pm. HAHA. Total of 3-4 Hours.


Tml's is National's Day Celebration! WOOHOO! We can get to wear home clothes aye! There is sure bound to be people wearing very exaggerating clothes, spraying cologne and wearing high heels.

Ah, Don't give me all these shit. It's just a normal tee with denim jeans, with my lovely birkenstocks and I shall WIN EVERYBODY OK. Don't bother critising each other's dress sense! Simplicity is Beauty. HEARD THAT?!

Jiashi and I will be bitching around tommorrow, hurling sarcastic remarks secretly behind people's back, talking about everyone's dress sense! Haha! It's so contridicting when I say about not to gossip about people as written above, But it's human nature right! HAHA.

I guessed I won't be wearing class T-Shirt because after the celebration, We shall hit the KTV lounge and sing our hearts out! WOO!


August is finally here ! In about 4 days, Jiashi will turn 17! Wee! This lil good friend of mine deserves a good birthday present! Though we go out less often now, but I guessed we do keep each other in our heart's and she knows me very well! She can analyse one person's mind and thoughts one ok. Dont "Pray Pray".

I went to the Sennheiser official website and found one earphone I liked very much. However, I asked Jiashi for her opinion and she said that the earphone I wanted isn't a good one. I trust her a lot when I asked her regarding the quality of everything that I wanted to buy. She's very meticulous in that aspect. Ha.

After so much consideration, I would still choose Sennheiser Sports.

Here's 3 earphones which I liked very much and I went to see what remarks did people who bought this gave. All 9/10. So I suppose it's good.

First: Sennheiser LX 70

Second: Sennheiser PMX 70

Third: Sennheiser OMX 70

I love these 3 earphones! It's so gorgeous lah! Especially LX 70! I want to have all 3 LAH! HAHA. I would just have to scrimp and save like hell just to buy LX 70 you know?! DAMM.

But's it really beautiful isn't it. I want LX 70, I want LX 70, I want LX 70!!!!! It's got 10/10 rating you know!

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