Thursday, August 2, 2007

Attention to all readers.

This is a true story of my friend, Hagen, who received a lawyer letter stating that XX Company is going to take actions against him for downloading Japanese Animes illegally.

XX Company splashed him with a letter, most likely asking for compensation, but if he didnt not do anything before 11 August 2007, XX Company will be taking legal actions against Hagen.

While downloading only 4 Videos of Japanese Animes, XX Company is watching every movement of Hagen and caught him red-handed by taking down his IP Address and track him.

Few Days Later, He was slapped with a lawyer letter.

Speechless with words, Auntie Alice flustered and panicked. She fax the letter to my mom, to let my mom to read about what does XX Company really wants from Hagen.

So my mom advised Auntie Alice(My Mom's Bestie) to go down to the address given to beg them not to take legal actions against her son because the sentence could be up to a fine of $10,000 and 5 years imprisonment. So After begging and so much negotiation, finally, XX Company decided to let Hagen off with just the fine. But being a middle-classed family with a normal income of few thousands per month, paying a fine of few thousands would certainly drive them crazy.

Is this worth it? Just because of 4 Videos and you got hook up by the fish net. Please, paying a few thousands of videos, you can buy 1000 over VCDS with it! So pimps and whores, don't download illegally. Don't ever think that the whole population is so big and they cant be possibly be tracking you all the time, but hey, you're so wrong. With little sheer luck, you can get away with it. But without any luck? You got it. Don't ever underestimate them.

What's wrong with buying a VCD for $20+? It's going to be expensive if you buy it almost every week. But if saving a $20 could resort you to download illegally and got caught and got into so much trouble, is it worth it?

Be it songs, videos, files, or whatever shit, please be careful and read through terms and conditions apply and check whether is downloading at certain websites illegal. There will be places whereby you can download legally. You may think that the site you are at is safe for d/ling, but the song you wanna download is taken illegally, police finds the provider of the song, you will get it as well. So how do you know whether is it legal or not legal? Freaking don't download!

You all know it's illegal to download, but everyone closes one eye, they continue to do what is wrong, so those who got caught really deserves it. And why are we doing things that we know are wrong? Is there something wrong with the education here or we are not advertising and promoting enough on TVs to educate people?

Yes, no doubt I did download from illegal websites before but now I guess I trust CDs more than these sleazy and freaking websites that caused you a whole lot of freaking trouble. And What's more if I am really desperate of that particular song, I download at legal websites.

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