Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Such an irony of life!

I actually put on National Day tatoos on my face, neck and leg. I feel so 'patriotic' all of a sudden.

There was this lady, who is a writer, a Singaporean but have been spending her teenage years in Australia and America, Los Angeles studying, giving us a talk in school today about her life in overseas and stuffs like that. I really liked her American accent though she speaks a bit too fast.

Though discrimination may be a problem in America, but if you carry yourself well enough and speak with good American accent, you'll be fine. In America, if you don't know how to slang, you still have to force yourself to slang. Even if you don't slang well, people look up to you. Whereas when you try to slang in Singapore, people call you , "Act Slang" or "Act Ang-Moh". You have no choice but to slang, Like the saying that goes, "Do What Romans Do, When In Rome."

You've got to adapt to the environment, and not the environment to adapt to you.

She also commented some good things about Singapore as being a clean and green country. However, there seems to be more bad things than good ones. I totally agree with this.

Singaporeans simply have no life at all. Just BORED. And she mentioned "BORED" with a very different tone. Singaporeans only eat, sleep, shop and shit. She mentioned her experience when she took the train in Singapore and she was flabbergasted by what Singaporeans do in the train. People were seen sleeping, talking, and other stuffs. Some freaking people even see a pregnant woman standing in the train, holding the handle and pretended not to see her and not giving way to her. The whole train seemed like a route to death way.

Yeah, listening to the iPod, shaking your head to the beat and people call you mad. Hais.

Singaporeans do not have a compassionate heart too. She mentioned Singaporeans for not being friendly and polite, in fact rather cold and uncooth. We spit and litter. SO this is what we called keeping Singapore CLEAN AND GREEN .

And the worst part is that Singaporeans DO NOT even support the purpose of LIVE-EARTH. Live-Earth is a campaign whereby 7 continents(meaning the whole world) is doing it's own job in conserving, reusing, reducing, and recycling. Just as LIVE-EARTH was broadcasted over the world on TV, with so many celebrities hosting the show, and just the day after the LIVE-EARTH show, there's report on people in SINGAPORE throwing all the leaflets into the bin, worst still MOST of them threw it on the floor, regarding LIVE-EARTH. WTH is this man?!

Singapore is just so tiny that it only signifies a red dot on the world map and we can't even do such simple things such as picking up litter, conserving water and electricity etc. On the contrary, Japan is SOOO many times BIGGER than Singapore and the country is so clean, especially the toilets!

You see the comparision? WILL IT DIE TO PICK UP LITTER THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU? Though it does carry germs and bacteria, but hey dont' bullshit because THERE'S GERMS AND BACTERIA EVERYWHERE AROUND YOU.


URGH just feel so disgusted and ashamed when I think of all these shit stuffs people comment about Singapore. I want to be proud of my hometown. So when I go overseas to study (Most probably), I will tell them that Singapore is such a good country which they practice what they preach! At least, I have something good to talk about S'pore about my fellow foreign mates!

You all, readers may think that I'm such an idiot to comment such things about Singapore, but we do have eyes. We see and know what is going on around us. Even if I don't say it, you all would have known this situation or perhaps you wouldnt' even realise until I have mentioned here, right at my lovely blog.

You, readers may also think that I've always wanted to study in American and hopefully migrate there and not care about Singapore anymore. Or rather say that I'm such an ungrateful and so-not-patriotic person. Yes, indeed, I admit I'm not patriotic. BUT that doesn't mean I'm ungrateful.

Yes, It's fortunate that I get to live in Singapore and be a citizen of here rather than those third world country like Cambodia (Which I loved this country so much because it holds so much happy memories when I did Community Involvement Project for 12 whole days) or Vietnam.

However, Haven't we always have to remind ourselves to upgrade for the better? There will never be a perfect case whereby Singapore is just so flawless. We have to keep improving! And accept critisms like what I am doing now!

People who used to be a Singaporean migrate to other countries not because they don't love Singapore anymore, it's just that Singapore living expenses are just way too high. You all may not know how living expenses are here, but I heard a lot from my parents, and I understand how difficult is it to be rich in Singapore. Do you know that our living expenses are actually higher than New York?

Do you know that to retire in Singapore, you have to set aside about S$2m at least? And at least S$1-1.5m for your child's education?

Besides, They go to other countries for better job apportunities and upgrade themselves because EVEN now, we have foreign talent. Foreign talents have some special skills that we Singaporeans, some don't accquire and we needed those foreign talents to upgrade our technology. We learn this in Social Studies - Sustaining Singapore's Development. Even foreigners are snatching our future rice bowl. Soon, Singaporeans will just all be jobless you know?! It's just way too competitive here. So, we students got all the pressure by the govt, parents, schools, teachers, all rounded diversity.

What's more, those construction workers are foreign talents too! We are just too prideful and pampered to do such tough work and expect to get high pay for doing nothing. But these workers, they are hardworking, they don't mind the long working hours, they don't mind the hard and rough work, and their pay is so much lower than us! Since there's such good workers who don't mind all these, why not hire them right?!

So at last, where do we stand? Just on the egde of our small island - Singapore. Just one push and you will find yourself drowning in the deep, big ocean.

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