Monday, July 16, 2007

Your leaving seems like the "best" birthday gift you ever gave me.

How come all my loved ones are leaving me slowly, one by one?

My sis left me on 16 August 2005, that was the "best" birthday gift she gave me,

I had a quarrell with my friend on 18 August 2006, that was the "best" birthday gift she gave me,

My bf and I go our separate ways on 13 May 2007, before committing all his time on NS, that was the "best" anniversary gift he gave me,
And now, you are leaving in about 4 days time, on 20th July 2007, this was the biggest and "best" birthday gift you gave to me.

For 3 consecutive years, all my loved ones left me, slowly, year by year, one by one.

All all these loved ones are the one I cherished most, and I adored the most.

How happy can I be?

Totally freak-ed out and really....

Imagine how worried can I be when you just leave Singapore for Genting for about 2-3 days, and now you're leaving for 9 mths? Omfg.

The news was just too shocking for me and I guessed I totally freak-ed out when I heard about this news. But I had to put on a happy front, before everyone starts weeping too.

Who else can I lean my shoulder on?

Well, 'm happy that you're studying there, but ... Ahh I cant' continue on.

Just disappointed that you aint there to celebrate my birthday with me. Before we could even sit down and drink together, You're leaving.

You're the one I cherished most.
Good Bye my lovely and dearest friend, and all the best to you.

Why is it that everybody is leaving me when I needed you most?

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