Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well, have just finished sending my application regarding the DPA(Direct Poly Admission).

Tml is the deadline before 6pm! So if you guys are interested in it, do make a quick move aye!

Though chances are slim, but it's bettter than doing nothing right?

Haha. After much discussion with my parents and some of my friends, I have decided to choose 3 of my best courses!

1. Hospitality & Tourism Management (TP)
2. Tourism & Resort Management (SP)
3. Business/Logistics & Operations Management/Marketing


All under business -.- No choice lor! All the courses I like all under biz school. What to do! Nothing. Hehe.

As for Media & Communication, I didnt' add in other the DPA form because we all know it's a waste of time. Unless my O lvls are out and I got 7-10 points, 'm confident of getting a seat in there. Otherwise, OUT ! ((:

So nervous can! 13 August will be my judgement day! Whether the poly would take me in! )):

2 days after my dearest, Jiashi's birthday, 5 days later to my bestie (self claimed, ok I know ((:), Lay Koon's birthday and 12 days later to my birthday!

Hehe, just the thought of it makes me happy aye!

'm feeling werky now! Hehe. Dont' know why. Maybe it's because 've reserved one shirt from TOPSHOP and 'm gonna get it on tuesday ! WHAHAHA. I like that top ok! supposed to be 59$ but now it was on sale, 39$ only!

And one more reason! There's school tml! HOORAY! I loove school. Can play and play in school and most of all, THERES O LVL CHINESE LISTENING COMPREHENSION TML!

HUAT AH. Haha. it suck-ed alright.

Everybody wish me good luck ok!

And good luck to all the O lvls students as well! Let's all pass with flying colors!

Calvin: rire dehors fort! foda de! Hehe.

Nights people! Got to rush for my amaths homework !

This saturday ECP cycling anyone!

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