Thursday, July 19, 2007

18th July 2007

Went to ECP. With my guys - Zhi Yang, Zhi Wei, Beng Hon, Cheng Yong and together with Xmei.

Had loads of fun over there! Haha, Zhi Wei finally knew how to cycle. And he's doing it very well aye!

He look damm cute when he cycles lah. Haha.

Xmei, Beng, Yang, Yong went to skate. But Xmei and Yong dont' really know how to skate, so I went back to the rental shop to ask the owner for exchange.

In the end, ended up only Beng skating.

Later on, Feng Yao came along. So we cycled to Bedok Jetty and took a rest before heading to Lagoon Food Centre.

Wanted to eat fresh cockles but Zhi Wei & Beng dont eat. Wanted to wait for Yang and Feng Yao to come back, but no idea where they were. -.-

In the end, we had a race to see who reached the rental shop first, so I compete with Yang & Feng Yao (Couple bicycle). Of cause they win lah! Because 2 people cycle together leh! HAHA. Nevermind lor, let them win. Let them off because they looked really cute when they cycle fast, their legs kept paddling like mad. HAHA!

SO! told Yang that I wanted to eat cockles, so Wei, Feng Yao, Yang, Beng and I went back to Lagoon Food Centre to eat again. We ordered plenty of food, but too bad I couldnt' eat, BUT I feel happy ok! HAHA

I love cockles! Haha!

After that, slacked a lil more while with them before I go home

Time really pass very fast, So fast it's gonna be Friday tml. BUT! 9 months will pass real fast. Yong is right, Time pass very fast yesterday, but 9 months will pass very fast too. Friends may not be always by your side, But always in your heart.

After seeing what Yong sent me, hot tears came rolling down my cheeks. I feel the warmth. ((: Thanks a lot, It's you guys who made me feel that my life is worth living for. I dont' live for the sake of myself, but for the sake of you guys. Without realising, all of you became part of my life.

I can already picture myself after 9months , All of us, with full attendance, waiting for Yang at the airport. ((: That day will definitely come, Definitely.

p/s: Yang, I will be waiting for you to go fishing with me, eating plenty of fresh cockles together, drink together jugs after jugs, an ever-lasting friendship. ((:

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