Saturday, July 14, 2007


Havent' been blogging for 4days aye!

'm busy playing Pokemon ok. Haha

Went to ECP with jiashi, yuyue, nicholas, burton, weiqing & teo xiang! FUN OK. Went there to cycle. Half way through, we stopped at Lagoon food centre for some drinks. slacked a while, then cycle back to the rental shop. While cycling, was thinking of some stupid stuffs, but eventually have sorted out my thoughts.

*I wont' be affected by you, bitch.*

While going back to Mac there, i almost knocked onto a girl and I think I would want to mention that she was a total bitch! Guess how stupid she looks when she said this,

Bitch: Hey can u see this is the foot path? I mean, please la, abide by the rules.
Me: Oh ok, i'm sorry. (With a big smile)

So jiashi and I cycle further to avoid her.

Next, her guy friend, a fucking black dirty indian bastard said something which made me really wanna fight it out with him. But I controlled.

Bastard: Eh, She already said that this is the foot path and you still cycle. Go and cycle there la! (there= cycling path)

I was wondering whether does this blackie indian have any brains at all?!

The cycling path was so farrrrr away from us and I suppose any ordinary person with a normal brain would cycle further from them instead of making ONE BIG U TURN just to avoid them right?

Me: Ok ok. (Pointing a middle finger behind them)

I was not angry when the lady said that because yeah, it was wrong of us to cycle on the foot path. But when that indian freak said even more, I feel like pressing my brakes, leave my bicycle one side and really got the urge to give him a tight slap.

*I would really mean it if he said somemore. Dont' test me.*

Then, I thought to myself, I should fight it back with them. If they told us to leave in a nice and polite manner, I would gladly leave them.

So Jiashi told me that we should scold them back. So now when I think back, I regretted not knocking that lady down, and pointing one middle finger at that bastard.

Trying to test my patience! Bitch&Bastard.

Well, no point getting annoyed over this matter. Singaporeans suck.

Haha. Joking! Because 'm one as well! Wait til i migrate to England and be a citizen there before saying Singaporeans suck.

Well, 'm feeling very fucked up today, because I was totally exhausted now because my energy's been used up and now I even made an effort to blog.

Not to disappoint my readers!

[Seriously, I dont' see the need for you to do things just to spite me or make me jealous, because eventually, YOU're the one who SUFFER and not me. 'm not a jealous person, because I dont' see the need to be one. 'm SO MUCH fortunate than you, and am contented with the life I live now. You're jealous because 'm better than you, in terms of EVERY espects in life. GET a life, bitch. Because you suck. Dont' compare when you aint even fit to compare with me. Yes, 'm sarcastic, this time. But so what?]

Well, shadnt say much to avoid trouble.

'm not in a good mood now. So dont' bother me before your ears turn deaf.

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