Sunday, July 1, 2007

WEI KAI: I love you my long-lost brother!

This guy's very cheeky haha. A Great hunk to be!

Havent' been blogging for a couple of days. My apologies. 've been busy playing games ah! Haha. Now maple lvl 50-70 got pq already ok! LOL Yesterday pq until i go crazy. But it's a rush pq. didnt manage to fight the papa pixie. Ahh, you guys dont understand, i suppose.

*sitting on the floor, kicking my legs in the air, throwing a tantrum*

OK, getting childish already. STOP.

've been to SPH website, and 'm sooooo sad that they dont' take in YOUTH as a journalist/columnist. They want experienced pple !

'm experiencd!

*rolls her eyes*

That is the only way to improve my eng-grish. *haha*

I'm very willing to be a columnist/editor of any magazine - Seventeen, Teenage, Teens, CLEO, LIME, MAXIM etc. Best still, give me assignments on lifesytle or travel magazine! 'll be very very willing to give u nice and grand piece of work.

Hais. 'm an undiscovered talent.

*Haha, you bitch!*

Yeah, 'm a bitch. )):

Ok, i know my eng-grish isnt' not up to the standard [what standard you referring to?] yet but being a writer, you learn more as you write more. You read how others write and from there, you learn from them!

But if 'm not even given any opportunity, there aint' any hope in improving!

*cries, banging her head against the wall. PAH!*

God, Save me!

Anyway, let's move on. HAha..haaa.aaaaaahaaaa.ahA.

I guess 've decided to go for the 14days OBS to SABAH, MALAYSIA.

I cant' wait for that day to come!

However, its' still very far lah . its' on the 26 Nov - 7 Dec, if 'm not wrong.

Nav, Edy will be going. These are the confirmed ones. Really hope this trip will be a very good experience of taking hardship. Its' real hardship. To me lah. However, whenever i think of all the fun, it worthwhile aye!

Please, i seriously encourage girls to go for OBS, and i sincerely urge you(girls) to go for this trip. If not 'm the only girl! and where do I sleep! Alone in the tent? No, I dont' want!

This OBS trip to SABAH, MALAYSIA wont be the same as what u did in S'pore. It will be much more exciting and more leadership activities will be conducted during these 14days. Ample food and sleep will be given. [they will not torture you, ladies] There's even supper! Ok, 've never been to OBS. But for those who went for OBS in S'pore, you know it.

Heard a lot of negative remarks about how tough OBS is, However, As tough as it is, you gets tougher too! It brings you to a higher lvl of leadership qualities and thus, it develops your character building.

Only people who couldnt' take hardship will say OBS sucks! But why do i hear feedback from people saying OBS is so fun as well? Because these people sap knowledge and leadership qualities from the trip, and as they gain knowledge, they grew tougher, grow up into a nice and outstanding youth!

*You see a bright light shining above your head..*

G L A M O R O U S.

Can you imagine me having those very very inspirational set of watery eyes, facing the sky, with my both hands up?

No doubt, not allowed to bathe for a few days is to teach us survivor skills! Imagine being lost in a jungle with dense, thick bushes and tress all surrounding you, will you be able to walk out of the jungle easily?

Hey, I cant' live without bathing! Sorry, 'm a very particular about hygiene.

Just put some talcum powder on your whole body can already nah.. Haha. I sound so confident hur.

Maybe 'll cry for the first night. Shall miss my bed, my laptop. It will be the same when i left Singapore for Cambodia to do CIP. I cried first, before influencing Puay Chin. Ha. I can still remember we both looking at the mosquito net surrounding us. It's very........ saddening & depressing.

When i recall back, if I could take hardship in Cambodia, Why not @ OBS?

BUT! 'm very very frightened of NIGHT WALK LAH.

But 'm going for it for the sake of one word - fun!

You see! OBS gives you soo much fun, yet hardship. Haha.

However, once again i repeat, through hardship, you learn how to deal with challenges and difficult tasks, Developing resilience and determination under adversity, An understanding of the principles of effective teamwork, Gaining leadership and motivational skills , and most important - Gaining self-confidence!

A person without self-confidence would be as good as dead lah hur.

*She was once a no-confidence girl, bitch.*

Yes, I was ONCE.

Ok! 'm sooooo motivated by OBS lah. But all decision will lies with my parents. One word can judge whether do i get the chance to GO, or NO.

If they're on, 'm on!


Alright, I seem to be writing a newsletter on OBS. Wonder whether will this come out for O's? Haha.

Please please, girls please go! )):

But hor! you know OBS timing very sucks one leh. In the middle of Nov and Dec. I have problems going to NY to visit my sis! I would have to give up on either one.

Either the chance to go NY, or the chance to go OBS.

've been brooding and brooding over and over again.

Why everything's not confirmed one!

AIYA- fcuked la. Aint' any mood to blog already.

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