Friday, June 29, 2007

Cant' believe i actually come to school just to sleep.

Dont' know why 've been sleeping in class for this whole week!

Just so tired.

I sleep at almost every period except math!

So is Beng, Xmei and Yong.

Played bytch slap again. And i slapped Nav in front of Mr Chew.

After school, tooooo lazy to go parkway with puay chin and xmei, instead after so much hesitation, we went to Feng Yao's house for mahjong.

[ I miss those times when i go to your house to play mahjong with your family members.]

Slacked quite a while, then cook noodles for them to eat and i left 10mins before 5pm.

Ahh, just feeling so moody now while typing this post. Dont' know why.

Went blog hopping and i hoppe-d upon his blog, and i just feel....


Dont' know why lah.

[anyway i still on hold tight to our friendship. I really really look forward to a day where we can talk to each other so happily again. Still holding on so tightly. Let's wait everything until after o's. I want to have a time whereby we promised each other that even if we graduated from this school, we'll meet up oftenly for bonding and never let go any of our friendships.]

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