Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today's a fun day!

[feel like singing Spongebob's Song - F.U.N Song]

You know hor that TKD hor. Every morning always walk from behind then give me a "YO". Always scare me one neh. Lao Niang now heart not good cannot be agitated ! Really made me jump today morning. Heartbeat race twice the normal heartbeat. 140/min. (Wah, sure die) Tml 'm gonna give him a scare. Hehe. Everytime sudoku huh! Next time being sudokia already. He do sudoku damm fast la! Stupid brain =/

First period was English. Was contented with my Situational writing. Just one mark below our top scorer, Ling Hui who got 21/30. My task fulfilment is 7marks la! She got 8. Alright. Regretted not putting in more information. Suddenly recalled everything when Mdm Wee starts to elaborate.

*Slaps her head*

Why didnt' I think of those points?


So after English, Was E-maths.

People from 5B and 5C came to our class. Hope they are learning something! ((:

Well, kept gossiping and bitching around with Cheng Yong and Beng. We sat side by side and kept laughing. But mostly was Yong and Me .

Well, got attention by Mrs Kong ( un-intentionally) because of my horrible laughter.

* You know she laughs like a gorilla*

In the end, both of us got scolded. Really fun and soooo relaxed talking to my big brother, Cheng Yong. Today's mood was really high to the max. We kept playing and playing.

Was feeling very tired and lethargic in the first place. However, I couldnt' get to sleep because of all the fun aye!

After that, History. History nothing much and Couldnt' talk crap with Mr Chew because he was rushing for time. No choice but to jot down important notes on Gorby's Reforms. Ahh, Historic hur?

Then, Chinese Lesson. Oral practice! Nothing much lah, talked crap with Ms Pan Ping and all that. I like Ms Pan Ping's way of teaching. Under 2 years of her guidance and teaching, I must say that i made a marked improvement in my chinese in terms of talking and writing.

And she gives her pupils a sense of satisfaction everytime after we did our composition or letter-writing if we wrote our scripts well enough to be published out.

Proud to say, Mine's always out. I got the right to be proud hor! Let me me proud for just once ok? )):

*Gives a wide smile*

Because of this "incentive" from Ms Pan Ping, it gives me the motivation and drive to write out good essays you know? And If my Chinese O's got a poor grade, I wont' blame her because i can see she really puts in a lot of effort in preparing work for us.

Never for once did she give up on any students. I really... Idolise her!

Though she may think 'm prejudice against her, but deep in my heart, I adore her a lot! Just that shes' very guai lan you know! Ha.

And you guys know what! she published my essay in the chinese book called, " Zhi Yu Si" and 'm so ..... Overwhelmed! Hehe.

Ok, After that was CVE but Ms Tan changed it to POA. Wah, Hell for POA. POA is the worst for me. Cheng Yong kept making me laugh like hell.

Ms Tan was chasing for report books and Cheng Yong kept making small comments to make Beng and I Laugh. My stomach was really... Shrinking. Haha. Too funny lah. He's a real joker ok.

Ok, time for my Channel U Show @ 8.30pm. Cya!

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