Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today PE was cool!

I cant imagine myself running 6 rounds without stopping!

All thanks to zeus and cai xin who accompanied me while running.

You know, all of a sudden, I feel so healthy.

I really perspire (please do not use sweat for sweating is used for animal, unless you claim to be one) alot!

After that, went to gym and did cardio first, to get a warm up for my body. Then did some weight lifting on my arms.

I can feel my arms getting smaller. HAHA!

It's all in the mind la. physological thinking.

I was totally drenched. I went back to class, Ying ying saw me and gave me an astounding look.

So I went to wash my whole head, and I feel really much more comfortable and refreshing. Surprisingly, I did so much during PE but I dont feel tired at all! Not a lil bit!

So I was showing how serious my hair loss problem is to Edy and some of my classmates. Edy seems really worried because the moment I just combed my hair, you can see around 6-7 strands of hair sticking to the comb(because my hair is wet, Dont' make me sound like a monster, though.) and Edy was shocked!

Haha. Then I kept combing and Edy told me to stop combing my hair.

Seriously, 'm starting to get worried for my hair loss. So I started eating Iron tablets. I really need hair treatment! I need to keep my hair growing, because by the time I shed down, I may become bald.

Haha. Can you guys imagine how I look like if 'm bald? I wouldnt' dare look myself at the mirror or taking candid shots of myself/with my friends.

It's been raining for like, 3 days! When will the rain stop! I feel so cold now! Wee.

It's been a long time since my tagboard became so congested and infested with so many replies and comments! I dont' know whether to feel happy or what. But all I could do is to stay optimistic because these two anonymous freaking people dont' affect me at all! I still continue on with the life I want to live, yes. Pehaps these two people know me in reality, that's why they're so concerned about my life!

I think I have learn how to let go of certain things in my life, that's why I kind of have this oh-whatever attitude.

've gotta do my essay already. And I have decided to write essays and send them to Reader's Digest. If my essays are published, I get $$!

Take care guys!

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