Friday, July 27, 2007

've got SORE EYE!

All freaking thanks to Yeow Chong who spread it to me! BASKET.

The pain is intolerable!

I cant' sleep well since last night, I cant roll my eyes as and when I can!

*Rolls my eyes, Ouch you bitch!*

The whole of my right eye is swollen and red! Let me show you.

Shall show you all the difference between the normal eye and the sore eye.

These pictures may need parental guidance and Please do not try this at home.

Oh freaking hell, I look so much like a one-eyed monster!

This is much better, much bigger.

I find that this month is the illness Month. A Lot of people are getting sore eye, spreading so fast like cancer cells. I was just talking to yeow chong straight in the face, Around 30cm far from him, advising him to go home lest he spreads sore eye to other of my classmates, and TADAH.

I GOT IT. Freaking hell.

It's real painful and I had to wear sunglasses at home to avoid direct eye contact with my family members.

Well, and my dad thought I was mad to wear sunglasses at home.

I gave him a fake smile.

I dont' mind if it's itchy, but I DO mind if it's painful!

So here am I blogging, 10.24am, stranded at home, or rather waiting for my mom to fetch me to the doctor.

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