Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's such a cold weather!

Thanks to Taiwan because they're having typhoon and we got to enjoy the tip of it. HAHA.

Today school was fun!

Did lots of planning for our class BBQ. As a member of the welfare committee, I had to do something for the class since I have not been doing much for 5A this year.

Managed to escape Mrs Kong's eyes because I didnt' do my A-math homework. I will do it today! Shall be a good girl today and do all my homework! My homework list seems to keep piling up non stop.

I shall do POA as well! Bank Reconcilation Statement.

*Rolls Eyes*

Trust me! I will do it!

Zeus and I were gossiping about someone whom we cared a lot.

Zeus, We cant help someone to change his/her personalities, for leopard will never change its spots. It takes ages to change one person's mentality, attitude, things and personalities but It takes only seconds just to turn the other way.

All we can do is just to support this friend of ours and give this friend all our support! ((:

I know you will read my blog, So I shall post it here for you to see.

I didnt' bring my handphone today so I cant play my Pokemon. I fought Elite 4 and Gary! WOO.

Lot's of things happen in school but I shadnt' elaborate further more.

Let's talk about what I did after school.

So After school went to meet up with my group of funky guys, and we all walked to Blk 50. After that, we walked to the halker centre and have lunch. Nelson seemed to be all prepared for playing badminton that he had already changed into his shirt.

Zhen Lu is wearing a bagpack and I find that he looks rather cute holding that bag. So am I holding a bagpack to school. So Zhen Lu ask me, " Wear this type of bag very comfortable right?"

Yes, indeed. Though it may look kinda nerdy, but I hold it for the sake of my comfort. Had enough of Sling and Shoulder Bag.

So, we both look cute!

Do I sound like a bitch?

*No, you dont.*

So after lunch, Desmond, Wei, Nel, Kai, Hans, Lu went over to play badminton while Yong, Beng and I went home.

Wanted to join them along but there's plenty of homework to do!

For those who knows what happened to me, I have something to say to my group of guys, I'm going for hair treatment! Give me some more time probably during O's, I will recover by then!

I cant' say it much here, but just wanted to pour some troubles out from my heart. My heart is weighing me down, heavier than lead.

Guys, Give me another 2-3 days time and I will reach my 70 range!

That will be a total of 30kgs weight loss.

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