Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thursday, 5/7/06

Went to study with WeiKai, Zhi Wei, Yong and Beng at Concourse. If you give me just one word to express my feelings for that day, I would say its... FUN!

Haha, went to concourse to study for chem. Well, I simply gave up on History. Too late to study anyway.

Was the latest to reach though 'm the first to reach home to prepare. Ha. Cause i spent some time straightening my hair. I think i have the habit of doing that everytime i go out.

So upon hearing that everybody was present, i took a cab and rushed down. Haha. Studied a bit on Organic Chemistry because i need to recap on some of the chemical reactions. I guessed I only revised for that topic. For the rest of the time, we kept talking rubbish lah!

Only Wei Kai concentrated lor.

So we guys had some dirty talk. Damm stupid. I kept laughing lah.

At first was Beng, Yong and I talking about it, we went outside to sit and chat. Kai and Wei was at burger king studying. So I started asking Yong because i was curious about MEN.

So we had sexuality lesson and i get to know more about MEN. Haha. Then, he kept talking a lot of rubbish, you know how crappy Yong can be. So he told me those once upon a time story and talked all crap. But it was funny though. Beng and I never once keep our mouth shut. We keep laughing LAH! LOL

I think we talked about MEN for quite some time and all of a sudden, Yong asked me, "Eh, Who is Peter's Friend?"


"It's Thomas", Yong replied. I asked him why.

So i turned back. That was when i felt like giving him a tight slap.

I turned back and saw one shop named "PETERTHOMASROTH".


So i asked him back. "Yong, Who is Thomas's Neighbour?"

He was stupid enough to ask "Who?"

I said, "It was Roth."

*Cold Cold Cold~*


Still a lot more funny things lah, kept laughing and laughing.

So we went back to burger king and tell all the jokes to Wei and Kai. Then next we kept talking about dirty things. Just as Beng bought gummies worms, ehehe. So my laughing gas was here, i kept laughing like mad.

Then go kisiao by saying those gummy worms are sperms and all that..


Ok, too many things to mention. Just....

very happy and fortunate to have a friend like Yong.

So is Yang, Wei, Siang, Yao, Beng. I guessed they're part of my life.

and many more! But if I were to write it here, I think this will be a long post.

Friday, 6/7/07

Had History and Chem exam.

For the whole history exam, I slept throughout. I didnt' even do the SBQ. I was way too tired. Because the day before, I actually played maple la. Haha.

So I kept sleeping. And my whole body felt so uncomfortable.

After exam, I ran over to Yong and told him I wanted to early depart. He told me to ask Ms Cheong. I shook my head. Haha.

Then unfortunately, Nicholas came over and said, " Eh you sleep for the whole History exam ah?!" Then he poked me. I dont' know why at that moment i felt so pek chek and annoyed i just scold him and scream at him not to poke me. LOL he ran.

*Yong's eyes go wide*

So is Beng. Haha. Scary. But I just feel tired and ... annoyed la.

After that, recess then revised some topics like Metals, Water, Organic Chemistry, Cations And Anions.

Unfortunately, Water didnt' come out. I even went to remember every step lor. Hais.

But luckily i did study on Alloyed metals. Heng Heng ah.

Overall the paper was not bad. I could at least manage the paper. However, I wasnt' very confident about my answers. I think 'm not gonna do well for this block test. I was really tooo... relaxed and slacked.

Well, Anyway exams' over!

So went home, bathed and took a nap from 3-5.30pm. Took a bathe and left house at 6.30pm. Took bus 65 to Vivocity to meet my sis there after work and damm!

It took me 2 HOURS to reach there. When i reached there, it was around 8.30pm. Hell and Vivo was PACKED with people.

Went to NUM. Well, I went there to look at just one particular guy la. Haha. He's still working there! Keke. I think 'm getting some shirts and stuffs like that from NUM. I like their shorts though.

*Eyes shiny upon looking at that hunkie*

I really find that guy.... soooo fine-looking though he's only a bit taller than me. He's got that Ang-Moh look which i really liked! His eyes is the one i like most. Ok la. Enough of that.

Went to ZARA. Didnt see much cause too many people la. Stupid asses. LOL

Sis wanna eat, So we went to Hog' Breath first. Too many people, so we wanted to head to Marche. But i saw this very long queue from some distance away so I told sis. So we headed to Dian Xiao Er. Same thing, People queueing up. Then went to KIM GARY Restaurant. FCUKED. EVEN MORE PEOPLE.

BO BIAN. went to The Mussels Guy. The food SUCKS la.

Sis paid 70$ just to eat shitty food.

Ok, i sidetrack a bit. I guess i really need to follow the diet plan! But fortunately, I didnt' gain any . Do you know if I walked for an hour, I can actually lose 1-1.5kgs? Dont' believe right? But it's true.

So i ordered steak and avacardo drink. Sis ordered seafood baked rice and chicken wings.

I wanted the steak to be Medium and the steak is still quite tough. Just one mouth, I told myself, " Cannot make it already."

Sis's baked rice was even worst. WORST THAN PASTAMANIA.

Please guys, Dont' ever go there and dine! LOL

I can even cook better than them!

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