Sunday, July 8, 2007


Jiashi your blog is so cute! Hehe. Can I link you here? )):

So I will get to receive almost expired kisses from you )):

Anyway I guessed for your bdae, I will get some top quality chocolates for you. Guess out of all my friends, you're one of the rare ones who really know how to eat chocolates, appreciate them.

Well, we havent' been going out for ages right?! during june holidays, we only met once! )):

Got so much to gossip with her. You know how bitchy she is ~ But I love her as a bitch! She's my bitch-mate ok. We always bitch around. YU YUE ALSO. =/ HAHA.

Ok, 've got to Bugis to buy clothes. Sis's playing that cute lil hoodie from Club Mark for me! ((:

Anyway Owner of Club Mark is Sis's teacher in UOB. ((: Cool hur.

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