Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey people!

Due to the wacky weather, I feel so sleepy these few days! But my class really perked me up, With all my good friends around.

Talking about Pokemon, I have already reached Elite 4, which means I would have to fight it out with the 4 bitches at Pokemon League. It was extremely tough! I'll be fighting the last bitch before I finished the whole of Yellow Version. Next, shall move on to crystal version. Ha.

My heart almost jumped out when I heard from TKD that Mrs Kong will be sponsoring us money for the food! I cant' stop smiling to myself!

Ms Tan was kind enough to provide us with drinks and our paper plates for our upcoming chalet after O's !

Strictly only for 5A'07.

It's only July now, and I'm feeling so excited about it!

Well, everyone was told to pay $7. I think this is the lowest we can go already. Initially, before Mrs Kong told us that she will be sponsoring us food, we made it to $15. But some people told us it was expensive. So we drop down to $12. Then, $10, THEN, $7. I hope you people understand why we're collecting $7 now.

I find that $10 was a reasonable price. No one knows whether will Mrs Kong be sponsoring us for just one day of the BBQ or both days? Even if we had BBQ for one day, we would need food for the first day, certainly?

It's becoming so sensitive when it comes to monetary problems. Well, we're all humans. Ha.

Talking about my studies, I've guessed that I slacked really a lot.

People are seen studying already and I haven't been touching any subject though.

But I was glad to say that my English has improved another grade. Was quite pleased with my Block Test's Composition and Situational Writing.

Was told by Mdm Wee to correct my mistakes for my situational writing and she would print my essay out to the class for reference. Did a lil bit of editing because I think I repeated quite a few points for every paragraph and it looks kinda sick.

Next, 've got to improve on my E-Maths. Surprisingly, I'm one of the rare ones that I can actually excel in my A-Maths better than my E-Maths. E-Maths sucks big time. HAHA.

Just need a lil brush up on my A-Maths and Chemistry and I guess I'm ready for O's.

As for Physics, POA and Combined Humanities. I really need to put in conscientious effort to improve on these subjects. Physics shouldn't been a problem. But POA and Combined Humanities are killers.

'll probaby go cycling alone on Friday. Because I kind of miss my very good friend, Zhi Yang. 've promised him to do well for my O's and not miss him. But as a friend, of cause I would la! Duh. Haha.

I would want to recall our happy memories on last Friday.

AND PLEASE I dont sound desperate, do I?

I'm just been expressive can? Though I keep certain things to myself, but hey I cant possibly keep everything in my heart.

I dont get banned from writing what I want, do I?

So I shall write what I want, and being a reader of my blog, please know where your position is. I'm the writer, then.

If you guys wished me well, I dont' mind getting feedbacks from you guys. But I wouldnt' wanna wish to see my tag board full of upset remarks that spoils my day.

If you really wished me well, You dont have to be so mysterious of your own identity and kindly freaking put down your name. So we maybe we can make friends, Possibly.

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