Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hey today was a fruitful day! Haha.

Yesterday went to TOPSHOP to check for jeans and i seriously need a slim fit jeans. But i think it wasnt worth the money. So i went to DP and check it out. Ahh! got one which I liked. But smallest size 12. Can wear la. But tight )):

So ended up buying one brown halter neck. Intended to wear it on my next trip to sentosa.

So today went to bugis OG with sis to check out her swimming costumes. But dont' know why there's plenty of people at OG. heard that it's gonna renovate.

So ended up going there to buy snacks. But i bought chocolates for Beng and co. Wanted to buy all brown chocolates for them but Wei only eat white chocolates. So bought one white one specially for him. ((:

After that, walked to bugis junction. Bought a few CDs. Went to TOPSHOP but nothing caught my eye. So we went over to Beauty De Kose because sis needed to buy something from there. But unfortunately, it was out of stock. So we went to DP. Ended up buying one t-shirt. Though it's green in color, BUT i still buy it! Haha.

Save the earth! Haha. Too late to say lah.

Sis bought me one necklace which caught my eye and 've been wanting to buy since few weeks ago! Haha. 'm not an impulsive buyer anymore. Really.

Wanted to buy another halter neck (Black), but the smallest size they offer is size 12. But i wanted a size 10. Well, shall go other branch and check it out. ((:

We went to one new shop that's just opened today i guess, not very sure. It's all design t-shirts and I find it quite nice. So now i know where to buy guys' clothes hur. Haha. I think I will buy some clothes from there too. Quite funky and punky ((:

Then headed to TheFaceShop. wanted to buy lip gloss. But Sis's friend, Anning is in Korea for attachment, and she told us that TheFaceShop over there is so much cheaper than in Sg, so i took some pics of it and told her to buy. Hopefully she does!

Ended up adding one more nail colour to my nail polise collection.

Went to MUJI and bought one small mirror to bring to school. ((:

After that, Sis promised me to buy me starbucks water bottle because I want to bring Hot coffee to school )): But she didnt' buy. Ahhh.

Look at this vintage-cum-retro car. I loooove this car!

Ok I know I seemed stupid to buy that Panda Biscuits. But it's milk flavour. And Yong likes milk.

*So thoughtful*


Went to see Reka and she told me my health's deteriorating very fast.
Soon, you guys will see my hair getting lesser and lesser.
Make me happy until O's and hope I will be fine hur.

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