Monday, July 9, 2007

Alright, went to Kexian's blog and 've been tagged to do this!

6 Weird Things About Me.
1. I would laugh at something/situation/senario whereby no one expected that anyone would have thought this way.

Eg. Saw one old man walking with a stick. And I would imagine if the stick broke into two for no reason, or the man gets banged by the moving cars with full of blood oozing out (Think of the Cartoonic version), or the man jay-walk on the road (Act like Jay Chou who walks with his both arms moving up and down), or the old man suddenly started to sing hip hop songs, doing break dance on the road.

And many more!

2. I Love eating exotic food. Like oreo dipped in Coka Cola (I ever did that for many times, its nice!) Or Prata dipped in hot Milo or Coffee. Worst still, Japanese Cold Noodle dipped in Lemon Tea. Refreshing aye!

3. When eating french fries, I would normally eat the potato inside first before eating the fried part. Or when eating fried fish ball, I would eat the soft part inside before eating the cripsy part.
4. I would throw things out of the window for no reason.

Eg: I was eating one very sour orange, and for no reason or maybe I didnt' wanna eat anymore, I just simply opened the windows, and throw it out like nobody's business

5. I would talk and laugh to myself. Or perhaps I would laugh to myself for no particular reason. Just feel like laughing, so I just laugh.

6. I would toss and turn around on my bed, and without realising that I have fallen on the floor. (But the floor is pooled with lots of toys like this:)

this pig reminds me of Zhi Yang. This is the maple pig he got it for me by hook or by crook. Die die also want to get it. We went to the game machine whereby you have to control the handle and grab the toy. We tried many times and was kinda sick of it. But it was Yang who insisted of getting it. So cute right! But difficult to hug. Because it was a lil bit hard. =/
Next time if i see one big sheep, I will buy it for him! By hook or by crook! and i promised! [I will never forget all the love and care you gave to me, my dearest friend.]
I think i did well for Oral! Thanks Ms Pan Ping. But, not distinction la ((:
Now talking to Our LKY, Seng Wei. Hehe. Nights all!


Anonymous said...

what ar yyou then eh lass?

Eunice Ng said...

huh, what are you trying to say hur?