Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Early departed from school today at 10.50am.

Had only 3 periods of E-maths.


Cheng Yong so Kia-Si. Scared I would pass the germs to him because I have not fully recovered.

Stupid .. Egg-Tart!

So now, sitting on my lovely red Ikea chair like a couch potato, wearing Orange OP shirt that's 3-4 sizes bigger than presently, blogging and talking to Calvin Sim at the same time.

It seems that I've missed quite a few things that happened in school for the past few days.

One of the shocking news was that Yee Teng pointed a middle finger to Calvin twice !

He deserves it la! for disturbing Ying Ying! Haha, I cant stop laughing when I heard this news. Astounding!

Being the feminine, pretty, gorgeous, young(yet matured in the inside) Yee Teng, I couldnt' believe that she would point a middle finger!

You know, you could hardly hear her shout in class.

She's too pleasant to do this! Haha.

*Hey, What's the big hooha about this, bitch?*

Yeah, She's turning bad! Haha.

I cant' wait for 24 days more! I will be officially 17 by then! Just one more year to go! I can go for driving test already! WOO.

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