Wednesday, June 27, 2007

These are the clothes that 'm dumping away. Because they are way too big for me. Wad a waste lor. hais.

See this idiot! LOL he's Cheng Yong! Guess who take this pic of him? It's Beng ok! I kept laughing when i look at it. And he insisted that i delete it. Keep trying ways to snatch my phone. BUT 'M GONNA POST IT NOW ON MY BLOG HUR HUR HUR. And Beng really got the momentum right. Just when Yong wanted to stretch himself from sleeping, Beng snapped it! Ha. So so so funny. Like so dumb right. DUMBO. LOL

Ah, I remember this pic. It was taken on. I forgot ALREADY! But i know it was the day when i make my UOB TX Account. Then Xmei snapped this pic when these two hunks were waiting for me. Ha.aaaahaa.a

'm so happy today. Went for CIP. It was.... AWFUL. I cant' imagine that being such a bigger size than my sexy babe, Jiashi, I cant' even compare with her! She was sooooo much stronger than me la! We did a people chain and pass the newspaper around to throw into the big lorry. OMFG. Ok la, just admit it. I cant' take hardship. (Finally you admit la)

After CIP, went to MacD. LOL that's what Ms Patrina Tan called Macdonalds'. Ate Chicken Foldover. So sorry that i didnt' follow the plan again because.... hmms.

My gastrics were acting up again. Hehe.

After that, we gathered around under Zyang's house. Our common hangout. Then Nelson and Co came along as well. Slack-ed quite a while before heading to the hawker centre. After that, we sat down in a row and DaWei requested taking a group photo!


Alright, i edited this pic. I loooove this pic a lot. I dont' know why. Zhi Wei's one wasnt that clear. It was MY phone that is clear ok. LOL 3.2 Mega Pixel hor. =/
*Hao Lian Liao La. Poke Her pussy.*

Well, That's my day and 'm happy about it!

[I detest people talking to me in such a manner when i respected you so much and adore you so much as a good friend. I already tried accomodating to you and not to argue back whatever comments but it seems that all these dont' work at all. Moreover, i tried helping you in whatever you requested from me and i tried my very best to help you. I guessed i really put in my utmost effort in helping you, caring and showing concern for you. However, Theres limit to everything. If you think that i said wrongly about your attitude, then ask around. All eyes were on you when you talked to me. im not the one being embarrassed, but you. I dont' expect you to reciprocate, but at least show that u appreciate me and the things i did for you. You may say my attitude aint any better than urs, yes indeed. However, at least i try to change. In the process of changing, to be precise. But ask yourself, have you tried?]

Tried controlling by not making sarcastic remarks or hurtful remarks anymore. However, this is one i cant' tolerate anymore. Ended up 'm the one getting hurt. Wtf.

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