Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Barney Theme Song
Dedicated to: Nelson

Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination

And when he's tall

he's what we call a dinosaur sensation

Barney's friends are big and small

they come from lots of places

after school they meet to play and sing with happy faces

Barney shows us lots of things

Like how to play pretend

ABC's, and 123's

And how to be a friend

Barney comes to play with us

Whenever we may need him

Barney can be your friend too

If you just make-believe him!

Hehe this song is specially dedicated to my lil hunkie, NELSON. =/
ok lah, aint' got anything to do anyway. Was listening this song on Navjoth's Ipod. Well, i loooove this song. So cute! hehe.
Shall post another song by Barney tommorrow! ((: but i still looove Winnie The Pooh. Mhaaa.aahaa.

Stupid Navjoth hit my forehead so hard until my forehead's a lil blue black. LUCKILY i applied Zambuk ok. DAMM. Nicholas, Nav and I were playing bytch slap in class since school reopen! .. DAMM TIRING CAN. keep running and using so much strength to hit them. The worst is when Nich and Nav both counter attack me at the same time. Both sides of my cheeks can really turn swollen already. HAHA. But today Nav and I planned to hit Nicholas on his face. And we succeed! Both of us hit him on the face real hard at the same time. Nav run like hell. I run, running out from the front door.

I kept shouting "Excuse Me!" Probably i was too short la, NO ONE LISTENED TO ME LA. idiot. then in the end kena stucked, kept pushing those people to get out of my way. but in the end, kena slapped by Nicholas. Nav was at the front door, looking at me somemore, while givine me that half-mocking smile.

Should have ran out from the back door la! RAR. Sickening.

So Nav was the one who made my life full of joy and laughter. I can never be bored with him around. Ok, i know i laugh even at the slightest thing. ((:
I would never believe that i could take in Hard-Metal songs. And it's really nice !

*Head shaking from up to down, vice versa with your hands swinging in the same direction*

Nav and I was shaking all the way until the song ended! ok la, we did rest a while la. 'm not an indian ok. But he is! =/
My jumbo Card is finally here! YAYE.
Alright, here's some random shots which i edited when i was borrrred:

12.25AM now. Hehe.

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