Wednesday, June 27, 2007

School was fun today. However, was feeling extremely tired and i actually slept during mrs kong's lesson. First time in my 3 years of maths lesson.

Went truth amaths retest paper. Was quite easy. N Lvl standard. Crapped alot with beng hon and yong during emaths period. Full of nonsense from yong! couldn't tolerate him. Was way too funny. whahaa.ha.

After school gather around with Garie and Wei. Something bad happened to kerwin, i heard about it a lil. Well, this year is a critical year. It's best to avoid any trouble outside. Time to really think through and not to cr8 any any trouble.

After that, went to PP to meet my sis. Shopped around and all that.

Bought one top from MNG and one top from DP. Well, that's enough for the GSS.

Sick of all the clothes. Ha.

I wanna get this skirt from here! :

American Eagles.

I <3 this brand.

Alright, i guess things have been settled. 've been talking about it the whole night with my sis. 'll be going to visit sis after my o lvls at Buffalo. After that, sis will drive to bring me to Toronto to stay for a day or two to visit the Niagara Falls. In case you guys aint good at history, you can check this out from Wikipedia. Then, I'm gonna face winter!

Then we shall hit the towns and shop til we drop! Gonna buy COACH stuffs and some branded stuffs from there. Because it is SO MUCH CHEAPER! weeeee. so if you girls want something from there, do let me know. He.he.

After going to Toronto, We will head to NYC to visit Aunt Helen and stay at her house for maybe 2-3days before we come back to S'pore to celebrate X'mas.

Thinking about it makes me so happy! You know i cant' wait to visit Walmart! Walmart is like those normal supermarket where you can get all the cheap and good deals there. And you will never get to see small packets of patato chips because the Smallest packet of potato chips is 1kg. HA. So CUTE!

I need to get another 1GB memory stick for my camera! Haha.

And alvin says he wanna follow me too. We shall see about it.

Meeting him real soon! Can't wait for him to treat me to have a good feast. Ha. Just kidding lah, we go on dutch ok. No wishy washy . I know you're reading so don't hide yourself! HAHA!

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