Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm back from shopping. again.. haaa.aaaahaa...ha.

I seriously detest Singaporeans for their typical moves and the way they shop for clothes. 'm SO annoyed and irriated with those stupid fucking aunties and even stupid ladies who keep pushing one another just to pick the clothes they want. NO WONDER there's always a security man during MANGO SALES EVERYTIME.

Simply don't understand why those stupid aunties wanna push here and there, C'mon lahs. there's SOOOOOO many clothes to choose from, and they do restocking. Fight for what?

It's so difficult to even choose a clothes properly because the moment u look at a shirt, and you hold it using ur two hands to see whether its nice, people from ALL directions started pushing you like HELL. FCUKED.ED. Cant they be more civilised?

in the end, i end up buying JUST one top and one bottoms from MANGO. Wanted to look for more clothes, but was simply too annoyed with the whole situation and left that stupid place just within 15mins.

My head is spinning! *I need medicated oil*

I cant even shop IN PEACE!

Wanted to buy that MANGO tank top. Perhaps i would need to go back again. BUT i would just grab that shitty tank top and leave! nabeh.(this word is small but powerful!)

I regretted not buying the tank top! RAR. hehe. Alright, I sound so typical.


This looks simple but i just like it so much!
(Recently 'm so into grayyy)
Can you believe this is S Size?

I love this shorts. Dont it look cute? Haaa.aahaaa.

What do you expect from sales items huh? nah, not much. I shall wait til sales are OVER. and i will save money for another shopping spree. And i won't buy simple clothes anymore.

But i love simplicity! =/ Simple = Beautiful. hehe.

Perhaps i need sis to buy clothes from Agnes B or Bebe from NYC. Sis says its so much cheaper there. HAHA. so i wont waste money buying tees from Bebe then.

I want that damm hoodie from club mark and that damm hoodie from GAP! DAMMMMn. haahaahaaa.aa.aaaha.

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