Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ever Since my sis came back, i've gained 2kgs!

[Cheng Yong & Beng would be very worried for me. Whereas, Yong Siang & MehMeh-Zhi Yang would be delighted.]

Cheng Yong: Wah eh must control hor.
Beng Hon: Haha! See lah dont want control.
Yong Siang: Nabeh leh, good leh. Put on Weight then exercise can liao ma.
MehMeh: Good What, you need nutrients now, at your current age. I would rather you grow fat than present, no proteins at all.

See the Diff?!

But they're all concern for me, Just that all in a different way.

Siang and Yang was hoping that i could eat more nutritious food because of my illness. Well, i appreciate that.

Yong and Beng was hoping that i could slim down faster so that we all could have a big feast out there. And i hope they're saving money! Moreover, they hope i could slim down by August. But, i doubt so.

I need to really follow my diet plan once again. Yesterday alvin was talking to me on the phone, commenting that my perserverance lvl was high. Now, its kinda ironic because in fact 've been eating!

I feel soooo guilty now. Because i ate Din Tai Fung @ Wisma Atria, And Taiwanese Buffet @ Winson Hotel. Rar.

But i told Alvin that 've been consuming laxative pills and being a biomedical student, He told me that it aint good because laxative pills would weaken my anal muscles.

*Clap hands.*

Wouldn't this be better thia way because i would be able to shit out easily?


When school reopens, 'm GOING FOR FOOD DISORDER.

*Yong Siang: Don't Siao lah.*

There was once I didnt' touch ANY food for weeks and mom was really worried 've got Anorexic(Is that how it spells?). Well, I guessed during that time, i almost wanted to puke at the sight of food.

ESPECIALLY, when cheng yong and co went to market for lunch. Aww, that was.. AWESOME.

In Addition, 've become so health-conscious.

*Shaking head from left to right, vice versa. Who's talking here?*

Yes, in fact, i hate the sight of oil. Not a single bit of oil. And my brother calls me a vegetable!

*Squatting in one corner crying*

've been stuffing myself with lots of vegetables. And fruits.!

Ok enough of whinning and complaining.

*Tickles and give herself a tight slap.*

Alright, today went out with my mom and brother. Well, we met Aunt Alice @ the temple near bugis. She wanted to pick a lot for her son, Hagen. He was having second thoughts of joining the Navy as a Data Specialist. And i supported him. 've been thinking of joining the navy as well. Stable job neh. But-ed. My mom says, "don't want lah, you're a girl leh-hh."


i hate this sentence. Nabeh.

Happy for Hagen because the lot turn out to be good. Well, 'm happy for him aye!

Alright, nevermind about that. Afterwards, Uncle Phillip came to fetch us and bring us to people's park centre. Went to buy school uniform because my current uniform was wayyy toooooo big. Maybe i could give it to Bear2(Zhi Wei).

So i bought one school shirt. A lil bit small and uncomfortable. But other sizes all out of stock. Well, took one first. Then i started recalling what Yong told me. "eh dont buy first, you're going to slim down again, buy one first lor."

Ya. True. So i bought one and i bought two skirts. Also abit tight. RAR. uncomfortable neh.

Then bring the skirt to tailor man. Trim it. Muhaa.aahaaaaa...ha.

I wanted to go to MM to buy my 30GB ipod lah! But mom always give me excuses saying that MM would be very crowded during the weekends and promised me that she would bring me there next friday.

MM things are cheap ok.

ok i trust her one more time. hehe.

Am i writing too much? But i guessed those who were reading my blog frequently, they wouldn't mind it!

So let me continue!

Well, i didn't put a tag board because:

1. I doubt there will be anyone tagging.
2. Lazy to add one
3. Avoid Trouble.

I guessed these 3 stands alone would be able to convinced you, readers.

Ever since i first added a tag board, there were so many rumours spreading around, bytches gossipping here and there, jack ass-es flooding my tag board with sarcastic remarks.

Well, to save all the trouble... I wont add a tag board!

Any one who wishes to say something to me can either talk to me on MSN or just leave a comment under "Comments"

HOWEVER, i didnt' say that other people cant comment on me. Just bring it and i would gladly listen to your advice and improve on myself.

One who would never accept sarcasm or comments from others will never learn to grow up/ succeed in everything he/she does for he/she will never learn through her mistakes.


So touching!

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KEXIAN said...


Dont dont become anorexic okay!! Warned you times about that. Haha. No food disorder!

And laxative pills can really make you go super WEAK till you have no energy lor! lol. dont become like that okay!

And your motivation to blog is really superb!! Every entry is very long, and I mean very long. HAHA. But that's good lar, practise on writing. lol (: