Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ho! 2nd post. ((:

its 4.05pm and i've just woke up. extremely worn out after the BBQ.

i made some of my homemade snacks to the BBQ. And surprisingly, no one complains that my food suck-ed. Desmond commented, " eh hmm.. not bad leh. you so good in making?" oh well, i shrugged and gave him a half-mocking smile. or rather a curvey smile. I don't know.

I made prawns coated with bread crumps. BUT between the prawns, i added seaweed, cheese and bacon. SO i think it would be nice. =/ and i marinated the prawns one night before.

Secondly, i made potato coated with (bread crumps)<- again. I mashed the potato and added pork (chopped) into the potato. Then, in each potato ball, i added either bacon/cheese/prawn. Sounds like the new drink called "anything" or "wadever". You'll never know what's inside. HA. so fun.

SO i woke up at 10am and started cooking til 4pm. ALL BY MYSELF. after cooking, i suddenly realised that i didnt buy the ingredients for mango pudding! DANG. well, forget about it.

Went to bathe, grab my wallet etc. off i go.

Lil did i expect, Beng and Co were late! i was the first to reach the pit. Well, so i put my food down. Went to the beach and found that one big area was being bounded. Actually there was someone making sand castles. Well, why is singapore always following what other countries do? Kind of obsolete. If u do have SCV, u know channel 16 - discovery travel and living under the show " BEACH BREAKS". You know what i mean.

So Wei Kai reached first, because he ran from macdonald all the way to pit 51, which is near lagoon food centre. WOAH.

Then it was the girls and Wei Ming. Then, Nelson. Ah. Then Zhi Yang, Yong Siang and Desmond. Well, shadn't eleborate more.

So we sat down for quite some while, do what we always do. HA.

Well, the guys were there sparring with each other, being as the only girl to stay for the night, i watched them sparr, some got injuried, and wadever, wadever, wadever.

Played PSP also. So Fun! Ha Ha.... Ha.

Talked to Beng about my problems. And i suppose its only him who know about my problems. While talking, he offered me a tissue paper. And that's when i couldnt control my tears anymore, i let it off stream. It feels so good! =/

But anyway Wei Kai, thanks for ur concern. He was sweet enough to sit beside to accompany me ((:

Well, with Cheng Yong around, you can never be bored listening to his lame and crappy jokes, looking at his stupid and retarted reactions, and the way he talk, his facial expressions. You're gonna laugh your ass off.

And he was the one who persuade me to stay. and now i stay, i got scolded by my parents. Fucked-ed. but i dont blame him. I'm having a good time.

Well, while leaving the place, those guys are so wishy-washy! =/ imagine taking around 30mins or so to decided who is going for DOTA. omfg. Meh Meh was the one who initiate the game and he's backing out in the end because he got something else on. So this leads to many pple backing out. Esp Ping Liang. He says there isnt going to have any "KICK" if Zhi Yang isnt around. What is this man?! =/

Seriously, Ping Liang is good. I was once his team. He is superb! Hah.a.a

Ah reached home, Sis wrote a long letter to me. Ahh alll crappppp again.

I'm still so tired!

But 've got tuition tonight. RAR. Getting lazier these holidays. and i promised mom that there will be no more BBQs.

Because this whole june holidays, I guessed I've been attending TOO MUCH of BBQs, and somemore out for shopping, out to slack with my guys etc. I'm out almost everyday. And Mom isnt happy about that AT ALL.

Feng Yao's BBQ,
Then Next, Aloysius's BBQ,
Thereafter, Zhen Lu and Co's BBQ,
Lastly, Beng's BBQ.

4 BBQ ehs! Too sick of it. I guess for my birthday, I'm gonna set 2-3 days to celebrate my birthday.

First, is to celebrate With Jiashi and Lay Koon(Daphnne).[ I know she loooves green.]
However, Prelims are just around the corner! See how it goes. HOPEFULLY, we can really celebrate together! But surely spending one day together wont be too much right? =/)
Because Jiashi's on the 11th, Koon's on the 18th, and Mine on the 25th! If you're clever enough, you should see that its all 7 days after. ((: So Special! So i guessed God really gave us fate to meet each other and form as good and good-est friends.!

Second, is to celebrate with my guys. Perhaps booking a 3d2n chalet.

Third, is to celebrate with my famil-y. He He. I want buffet at Ritz-Carlton or High Tea @ Goodwood Park Hotel! MUAHAHA.HA..

Fourth, Spend one day with my Baby. Well, I think it's not going to happen. Hais. BTW, It's all up to ur NEE SOON camp. Well. AHH. not going to mention anymore. SICK of it.

Kexian: By the Way, i did the pedicure myself ! ((: bought the sticker and just merely pasted it on my toes.

Daphnne: Ha,aaa,. yeah, finally into blogging again. Well, see you around in school then!

Will we stilll be meeting in September? Are are you just giving yourself excuses, saying that you're afraid that you are on duty on that particular day? I'm still waiting.


DAPHNNE said...

rawrrr !!

duper sweeet of you to remember that i loove green ((: YAY ! we`r gonna celebrate together for sureeee.

Real great that you had sooo much fun during this holiday.

hm, i shall be a nagg for this last time =x. don stack all those unhappy thoughts on yourself anymore alright. let`em go, you`l be better off w/o it. and now that all your loove ones are always there. don keep it to yourself. i know how it feels to keep everything to yourself, it feels as if you`r being suffocated. so don do this to yourself.

& i still hold on tight , even if we don talk as much. i guess we can work on it ay. haas !

wloads ofloove.

Eunice said...

mhahaha, yeah i had lots of fun this holidays, but school's reopening soon. Ahh. Kinda sad and stressed. Block test's coming real soon! Yeah, i still hold on tight as well. And 'm confident that we can work it out really well! ((:

Eunice said...

mhahaha, yeah i had lots of fun this holidays, but school's reopening soon. Ahh. Kinda sad and stressed. Block test's coming real soon! Yeah, i still hold on tight as well. And 'm confident that we can work it out really well! ((: