Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Haven't been blogging for quite some well.

Well, kexian rushes me to get a blog asap, heres my blog.

Aint got anything to say, but just a short summary of what 've been doing today.

Went shopping with my sis (and brought my lil brother) along. It was such a hassle to bring him.

Bought a total of:

2 nail polish from TheFACESHOP

1 top from ZARA

1 top from TOPSHOP

2 boxes of chocolates (Chocz) [for my guy's bdae present)

1 pair of papillo flip flops.

Could have bought more. Saw a nice sexy hoodie at clubmarc.

so tempted to buy. But sis said it wasnt worth the money.

Aww. Btych.

I guess for this holiday, 've been spending way my budget. Sis went to ireland last month and she bought me some TOPSHOP clothes. Didnt buy alot because all items were in EURO($). and it was very expensive.

Furthermore, she bought back ireland's best chocolate and their soveniours. She bought lots of whisky cups and it was cool hon!

perhaps this december holidays, 'll be leaving for new york city to tour around. As for the accomodation, i neednt worry at all! 'll be staying at my god-auntie's friend, Helen's house. We have wide network connections, this is something i must boast about. So shall see who's willing to come with me to NYC. HA.

Tml's my guy's bdae, Beng Hon. So excited to wake up early to prepare the food im gonna cook! Because this is the first time they'll be tasting my cooking skills. Babe's(kerwin, thats what we always call each other, and im not ashamed of it) coming over to my house for testing. He's the guinea pig. HA.

AND! sis's friends, Anning & Dandelyn will be coming over for steamboat in the NOON. gawd. Sweats. But i love dandelyn's homemade chilli sauce. Hot.

've gotta turn in for the day now aye. It's been a hectic day. Results of walking for the whole day since 12noon til 8pm. And here's some nice photos of my sexy legs.
've been noticed something. I have such shameful 3 strands of small sexy hair on my first toe!

All Bruises. Fcuked-ed.


blahblahblah said...

hello :) see you tmr .

KEXIAN said...

hello hello. nice pedicure!! my toe nails not so big, can't even put half a flower lor. wth.



DAPHNNE said...

great that you`r back
to blogging again (:

hm, seems like someone has been
investing ALOT to singapore`s economy hur !
ha !

this is our LAST week of FUN ]:<
so do enjoy MANY MANY ay..