Sunday, June 24, 2007

'm so vexed.

Still got amaths, english, POA homework to do! but guessed 'll leave POA alone. i dont' think anyone did it anyway.

Was standing infront of my mirror for the whole 2 hours, walking along the hall way in my new school uniform which fits me just nice.

I feel soooo uncomfortable. Because it was kinda tight. and i couldnt' tuck my shirt in because the shirt was a lil short. AHH i feel damm f***ed up.

So kept asking my mom whether i look alright anot. and she says that i look soo much better compared to the past. However, I still could not convince myself. I still look fat!

Tml's starting school again. Which means that O lvls are coming real soon. And 'm starting to get the creeps alrready.

Shadn't eleborate on today's happening. 've got lots of work to rush through. Luckily managed to complete chem and emaths for just 2-4 hours.

As for english, i guessed i need to work overtime. Being a perfectionist, doing an english letter writing could spent me 2-4hours just to write a perfect and complete essay . to reach my expectations.

Well, 've gtg.

... ha.

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